“Slaughter along the entire front”–January 19 battle update



“Slaughter along the entire front:” OUN nearly eliminated in
Peski, Right Sector and the 93rd Brigade pushed back, AFU tank
counter-attack defeated.


Translated from Russian by J.Hawk


Militiaman Yevneniy from the Vostok Brigade described the
ongoing battles on the Donetsk front as of the morning of 19th

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“In Peski the Right Sector and the 93rd Brigade
pushed to the south-west of the village. Artillery is firing on their positions.
Constant firefights. We’re using our SVD sniper rifles. Many wounded on both
sides. OUN is nearly gone in Peski, and the Ukrainians suffered most heavily
during their breakthrough attempt on the Putilovka Bridge. Don’t know about
Avdeyevka. Our artillery from Yasinovata is supporting us. In early morning
there was a tank attack in Peski, about 15 Ukrainian armored vehicles attempted
to retake their positions. Our ATGMs went to work. By 7 am we defeated the
attack. The 9th Company of the Vostok Brigade is taking Peski. More
fighting. Looks like time for the Right Sector to turn tail. You’ll pay for
Gorlovka yet!”

:”They are attempting to attack in the Yasinovata direction,
but unsuccessfully.”

“Impressions from last two days: sale at the Voentorg! A lot
of new checkpoints appeared. Slaughter along the entire front. “

The DPR militiaman added that as of early morning of January
19 DPR forces controlled 70% of Peski.

Translator’s Note: Looks like that overnight counterattacks,
both against Peski and the Donetsk airport have failed, and the airport appears
to be in DPR hands—certainly nobody is posting photographs of victorious
Ukrainian soldiers on the ruins of the old terminal, the claims that DPR detonated
charges and crushed Ukrainian soldiers in the terminal appear to be a reference
to the Putilovka bridge collapse, which occurred during the failed Ukrainian
counter-attack. Makes one wonder whether Kiev is consciously making untrue
statements, or whether the Ukrainian commanders on the ground are reporting
successes they have not actually had.

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