“Somali” and “Sparta” destroy Ukrainian HQ in Maryinka


 Map of Donetsk western outskirts, with Maryinka circled in blue.

Update from “Somali” and “Sparta.” 1/27/2015, 23:47

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Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

The Ukrainian headquarters and checkpoint in Maryinka have both
been destroyed. We conducted a bombardment in the vicinity of the checkpoints
between Maryinka and Donetsk, and also of the area where the Ukrainian HQ was
located. We launched a bold raid on the position of the HQ from the Petrovskiy
sector, with the following results: HQ torn to pieces, 14 enemy wounded, and
something in packets that we threw onto a Kamaz that went, together with the
ambulances, toward Kurakhovo. The actions of tanks and infantry were well
coordinated, we took the checkpoints by surprise. They threw down their weapons
and ran as fast as they could, some made it, but others did not. We are
occupying positions, and pushing the front line into the enemy’s depth!

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