Swedish White Supremacist Serving with Azov Regiment Killed, Buried.



Swedish White Supremacist Serving with Azov Regiment Killed, Buried.

By J. Hawk

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It would seem DPR is scoring some points off the neo-Nazi Azov Regiment–one of its foreign fighters, a Swedish neo-Nazi who went by the name of Leo and served with the Azov as an military instructor. This latter factoid suggests that either Azov is really hard up for experienced personnel, or that there is no shortage of Swedish white supremacists with military experience to go around.

This incident is a reminder that Syria is not the only conflict to which Europe is contributing (and turning a blind eye on) a stream of foreign fighters. Ukraine is the other one. Someday these two sets of extremists will return home and fight it out on the streets of Berlin, Paris, Stockholm, Brussels, Rome… In fact, Ukraine has the potential to become for neo-Nazism what the 1980s Afghanistan was for islamist terrorism–a place to gather, network, share experiences, and plot future strategy. The West is still reaping (and will continue to reap, for a very long time) the negative effects of that policy. And, of the two, the neo-Nazis pose the greater threat to European institutions, due to the far larger pool of potential recruits, the fear of Muslims in general, the high level of unemployment, and EU’s economic policies that are replicating the worst of the polices that brought the NSDAP to power in Germany in 1933.

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