The Enemy Within: Right Sector blows up Kharkov courthouse



An explosion near a courthouse in Kharkov following court
proceedings against Right Sector militant. 

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Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

The explosion occurred as people were leaving the circuit
court in the city of Kharkov. 12 people were wounded. An investigative unit and
seven first aid teams are working on the scene. All of the victims were
participants in the court proceeding concerning Mikhail Sokolov, a Right Sector
member, who was arrested in October 2014 for showing at a voting site in
Kharkov while carrying an assault rifle. He was charged with unlawful
possession of weapons.

Translator’s Note: Yet another demonstration, as if one was
needed, that the real objective of the Right Sector is the eventual overthrow
of the current Ukrainian government. Which is continuing to treat it with kid
gloves. Unlawful possession of weapons? Seriously? That’s like charging the KKK with fire code violations.

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