Stab in the Back, Ukrainian-style



Former Svoboda deputy Yuriy Sirotyuk accuses the government of “opening the second front” against…its own people.

By J.Hawk

Argument. ua published a lengthy screed from Sirotyuk’s Facebook page, in which the Svoboda official is accusing the Ukrainian government of failing to wage war against Russia in a proper fashion. In Sirotyuk’s estimate proper fashion would include a declaration of war against Russia, closing of borders, requiring visas for entry into Ukraine, ending of diplomatic relations with Russia, ending trade with Russia.

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Sirotyuk also wants a thorough purge of the “counter-terror operation” leadership and the implementation of measures that would collectively increase Ukrainian army strength to 350,000 soldiers. Instead of pursuing these reforms, the Ukrainian government has instead opened a “second front” against Ukraine’s own population, by which he means not the bombardment of civilians of the Donbass but…the measures prescribed by Western institutions, namely catastrophic cuts to social services.He goes so far as to accuse the Kiev government to be less afraid of Putin than its own frontline fighters (which is probably true, since it’s not Putin who’s blowing up courthouses in Kharkov…). Never mind that Sirotyuk’s plan would not only fail to defeat the Donbass insurgency, but would damage Ukraine’s relations with Western financial institutions and lead to an immediate default.

Sirotyuk ends by warning the government that any revolution that fails to reach its political, social, and economic objectives is bound to provoke a harsh counter-revolution. It would seem that Sirotyuk just added his name to the growing list of people ready, able, and willing to lead it. With friends like these, Poroshenko, well, does need enemies in the form of the Donbass, because what is going to happen when the “frontline fighters” return to Kiev in defeat?

The original article containing Sirotyuk’s “j’accuse”-style ravings is here:

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