The Right Sector Refuses to Submit to Ukrainian Ministry of Defense


January 15, 2015
Translated from Russian by J. Hawk

Photo: AP

A Right Sector battalion refused to accept the status of contract soldiers in the Ukrainian armed forces. This was announced by presidential advisor Yuriy Biryukov.

“I personally proposed a plan for full legalization to the Right Sector. We discussed a variety of approaches, entailing mandatory contract service with the military. They refused.”—said Biryukov.

Biryukov also noted that the armed forces represent discipline, order, a system of subordination, a chain of command. And when a patriotic formation wants to legalize its existence while at the same time retain its autonomy and avoid subordinating itself to anyone — that’s pure science fiction, said Biryukov.

We should add that in October one of the battalion commanders from the Right Sector stated that the Volunteer Ukrainian Corps battalions do not answer to the government of Ukraine.

The moment of truth seems to be approaching with every passing day. The government is attempting to finally take the Right Sector and other paramilitaries under its control. The paramilitaries, for their part, likely have other plans. The question that now stands before the two conflict parties is, to cite Lenin, “who whom?” Will the Kiev government bring its own stormtroopers to heel, or will the lunatics at long last take over the asylum?

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