The town of Stakhanov devastated by Ukrainian Hurricanes shelling (video)


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January 21, 2015
Translated by Kristina Rus

The town of Stakhanov was subjected to a barbaric attack of the Ukrainian army on the morning of January 21, 2015. At around 9 am Stakhanov was fired on from the Hurricane multiple rocket launcher systems. A woman and a child were killed near a kindergarten in the Romashka district.

According to the information from Information Center NewsFront, the Ukrainian army again used cassette shells. In this case, the fire deliberately targeted the Central perimeter of the city, that is, exclusively residential neighborhoods, since there are no militia positions there.

The Chairman of the National Council of LPR Alexey Kariakin said that “four civilians were killed, among them a girl 5-6 years old, 19-year-old boy and two women, about 8 people are in serious condition and the hospital is over-crowded with the wounded”.

In turn, local residents reported at least ten dead.

Ukrainian TV channel “Inter” reported that an entire district has been destroyed in Stakhanov and from 4 to 7 people were killed, another 20 were injured, and doctors continue to search for victims directly under heavy fire.

Homes and infrastructure suffered severe damage in Stakhanov. Seven residential buildings are heavily damaged. The destruction is so significant that remaining in these buildings is not an option. Currently, city emergency services are working at maximum capacity to somehow eliminate the consequences of the barbaric shelling.

According to some media reports, a siren is sounding in the city, most people are sitting in basements, others rushed to buy necessities and are also in a hurry to escape.

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