Tsarev: Poroshenko will be overthrown in February


Oleg Tsarev predicts the approximate date of Poroshenko’s overthrow at the behest of the United States.

By Ivan Volkov

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

Arseniy Yatsenyuk already gave orders to conduct an
information campaign against the Ukrainian president. Arsen Avakov is
collecting compromising information on Poroshenko. A Ridus Exclusive.

Chairman of Novorossia Parliament Oleg Tsarev gave an
exclusive interview to Ridus. He said why the Kiev US embassy puppetmasters,
together with Turchinov, Yatsenyuk, and the odious oligarch Kolomoysky who is
always chasing dollars, want to see Poroshenko overthrown with every fiber of
their beings.

Oleg Anatolyevich, you said that the overseas patrons of
Poroshenko are preparing his overthrow. How did he fail to satisfy the US

There are three groups working on Ukraine in the US embassy.
And even though they are competing for influence over policy, just as local
elites compete for US approval, they are in agreement that Poroshenko needs to
be replaced.

First of all, he has good relations with the Russian
ambassador Zurabov and a profitable business in Lipetsk. There are also other factors
which I don’t wish to describe so as not to complicate the situation further.

Secondly, Poroshenko is more likely to conclude peace with the
Donbass, while the US needs a war. Not because his conscience is bothering due
to the innocently murdered children. Poroshenko understands that in peacetime
he will have more power. Then he would become the second most important
political figure in Ukraine. While the top of the podium is occupied by the US

During the time of military operations MVD head Avakov has
an advantage, and Avakov is a protégé of Turchinov and Yatsenyuk, who are
Poroshenko’s competitors. Then there’s Kolomoysky, who has formed an entire
army in the east of the country out of criminal elements, which does not take
Kiev’s orders. Poroshenko can deal with his competition only in peacetime.

Question: What are the disagreements between Poroshenko and
Yatsenyuk, Turchinov, Kolomoysky?

Poroshenko has been in conflict with Yatsenyuk and Turchinov
since Yatsenyuk became prime minister. Yatsenyuk began to earn a lot of money
off that job and did not want to share with anyone.

Poroshenko understands that one of them (Yatsenyuk or
Turchinov) can occupy the president’s seat. He did everything to exclude
Yatsenyuk from the political team. But VP Biden flew in and insisted on a big
coalition. Games continued up to then. On the one hand Yatsenyuk wanted a
coalition without Poroshenko, on the other, Poroshenko wanted a coalition
without Yatsenyuk.

Kolomoysky needs resources to improve his business, which is
in a difficult situation. But Poroshenko did not give him refinancing. He
received refinancing only once, after he established his assets in the Crimea. Then
he threw means his assets onto the currency market, leading to a jump in
national currency.

Incidentally, at the moment the hryvnya exchange rate is
holding on only because all exchange points have been closed. There is an
exchange rate, but dollars can be bought only from “bosses.” The actual
exchange rate is 30-40% higher than the state acknowledges.

Kolomoysky desperately needs money and is not getting them.
That’s why the conflict with Poroshenko. And, believe me, I know Kolomoysky
well. If he thought such conflict were impossible, he would not have entered
into it. Kolomoysky considers Poroshenko a very weak figure.

And that’s all there’s to it. Poroshenko has nobody to rely
on. Americans don’t like him, and neither does the internal competition. So the
president is in a critical position. The stakes are very high. His competitors
want to carry out another armed overthrow, and might simply kill Poroshenko. So
for him what’s at stake is not even money, but life.

Question: How are Poroshenko’s opponents preparing?

Arseniy Yatsenyuk already held a closed meeting with Avakov
and a few deputies. Yatsenyuk tasked them with organizing an information
campaign against Poroshenko. He must be made appear guilty for the economic
catastrophe. What’s more, they’ll blame Poroshenko for the course of the
hryvnya, the failure of the military operation on the Donbass, and also
appointing foreigners to ministerial posts.

Avakov reassured everyone that he will share with the media
participating in the attack information from wiretaps on Poroshenko and from
collected secret information.

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Question: There is a version in the internet that at some
point Ukraine will suffer an economic collapse, and the current Kiev regime
will simply dissolve. How would you comment that?

Things don’t happen all by themselves. There is no reason
for optimism. The US has many scenarios. First of all, they have created a
whole slew of loyal politicians. Once the pro-US Poroshenko leaves, he’ll be
replaced by the pro-US Turchinov or Yatsenyuk. Then the mayor of Lvov Sadovy or
someone else. They are all pro-US. There are no non-pro-US politicians capable
of coming to power. The bench is well protected and will implement the will of
the US.

During the Vietnam War, the pro-US authorities of that
country changed many times. But the war continued. Every new leader shifted
responsibility for earlier failures to the earlier one, and the cycle continued
without pause. The war stopped only when the communist North won it. Neither
the political situation nor the military nor economic influenced it.

Question: Are there also several scenarios for the Donbass?

Absolutely. The first scenario is the military
confrontation, which is showing its flaws. But the Ukrainian authorities
believed they had enough military power to overcome LPR/DPR resistance. They
considered two variants: a complete elimination of us—the separatists or, if
the worst comes to worst, take three quarters of Donetsk and isolate LPR and
DPR from one another. But it didn’t work out like that.

Novorossia armed forces offered resistance and are now
storming Avdeevka and Peski in order to stop the shelling of Donetsk. The
Ukrainian army is panicking. The road from Donetsk to Kiev is full of vehicles,
nationalists are fleeing with their loot. Something similar is taking place in

The second scenario is the economic isolation of the
Donbass. LPR and DPR cannot run their economy without support. Russia will be
forced to help. Then it faces a choice. If they help, Russia will be punished
for military assistance, if no, they’ll punish for economic support.

Right now none of the Ukrainian politicians are speaking of
peace and restoring neighborly relations with Russia. They understand that the
US will control the situation for some time to come and therefore are using the
anti-Russian slogans just to survive. However, some of my fellow deputies are taking
their families out of Kiev abroad or to other cities because they don’t want to
suffer from the vacuum of power that will occur in the event of a coup.

Question: so the Ukrainian tragedy will continue to make
headlines for a long time?

If nobody shows interest in Ukraine, for a very long time.
Russia has not interfered in Ukrainian politics for over 20 years. Americans
and Europeans entirely freely worked in the country. They spent billions of
dollars. They created 5 thousand of NGOs, 150 thousand workers received their
salaries. That’s an entire army that obeyed orders and created the Maidan when
it was needed.

Russia was working with individual members of the elite, not
paying attention to the public opinion. And those representatives did not
always discharge their responsibilities due to their personal mentality. That
was a big mistake.

Also, when CIS was formed, Russia undertook not to work on
the territory of adjacent states. It meant that Russia for a long time had no ability
to influence CIS countries’ public opinion.

Therefore right now we must not let the situation resove
itself. The fascist regimes in Latin America survived for decades with US
support. Political opponents were eliminated, death squads were at work, the
masses suffered in poverty, the economy was destroyed, but nobody could do

Question: So they’ll overthrow Poroshenko, but the peaceful
citizenry will continue to die…Minsk Agreements are not being implemented, the “Normandy
Four” meeting was cancelled…

Right now Russia is trying to establish some sort of a
relationship with Poroshenko. But if he is overthrown, it will be an entirely
different country.

Even greater Russophobes will come to power, hard-core US
puppets who have no ties to Russia.

Poroshenko spoke about his presidency already three years
before coming to power. He came to Moscow, met with influential people.
Poroshenko, as you may remember, was a minister of foreign affairs, he has
excellent contacts.

I know that the overthrow is planned for the anniversary of
the Maidan. On February 15 there will be a national assembly in Kiev. And it’s
entirely possible that about 8pm it will transform into an armed assault on the
president’s administration, as it did when Yanukovych was president.

Poroshenko understands the risks perfectly well. He already
created a working group to prevent a coup. Its members are highly placed “power
ministry” officials and those members of the administration who oversee the
power structures.

Translator’s Note: Tsarev’s understanding of the internal
Ukrainian politics is certainly second to none. I would take issue with his
characterization of the level of US interest and involvement. Clearly, the US government
tried to score a cheap geopolitical victory by pulling Ukraine into its orbit.
But neither the US nor the EU are showing any interest of paying the cost of
maintaining the current regime in power, which is a major difference between
the current US approach and the policies adopted during the Cold War, when the
USG spent billions of dollars on its fascist puppets. Poroshenko is likely
to  be overthrown due to lack of US
support rather than a US plot. Moreover, one has to keep in mind that should
Poroshenko be overthrown, it will be difficult for the US to justify
subsidizing yet another Ukrainian government that came into power through
violence. There are no indications the US is planning to open the spigots once
Poroshenko leaves, and there is no anti-Poroshenko campaign in the Western
media, which would be a sure sign of an impending overthrow. The people who are
likely to be doing the overthrowing, the Right Sector et al., do not follow
orders from the US or anywhere else—they are merely reacting to the weakness of
the current system, including not only Poroshenko but also Yatsenyuk, Turchinov,
and everyone else, who are as vulnerable as Poroshenko, if only because it’s
Yatsenyuk whose face is associated with the “shock therapy”, not Poroshenko.

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