UAF generals are escaping the “Donbass ship”, ATO command “is not available”


Yesterday the only UAF lifeline to Debaltsevo was already under NAF fire, today more reports confirm it’s over

January 26, 2015
Dmitry Dzygovbrodsky (Ukrainian blogger)
Translated by Kristina Rus

Mothers of Ukraine, save your sons: UAF generals are running from Donbass, leaving the soldiers behind

The field headquarters of the Ukrainian security forces, formed in the area of the ATO, are escaping and abandoning their troops, according to the Committee of the Military Mothers of Ukraine as of January 25, 2015.

“Due to the threat of further advance of the militants, UAF Operational Headquarters deployed in Kramatorsk is urgently preparing for evacuation. In addition, operational groups of the General staff hastily left the combat area in Debaltsevo. Commanders complain that they can not get in touch with the command in Kiev and personally with the commander [of the ATO] Muzhenko. To prevent the escape of soldiers from the battlefield in Debaltsevo cauldron, “zagradotriady” [ideologically filtered army police] from the volunteer battalions, arrived to the area.”

UAF generals are going to throw ordinary soldiers to slaughter. For the pictures in the Western media. Mothers of Ukraine, save your sons!

Debaltsevo cauldron is a reality [with 7,500 Ukrainian soldiers].

It will be worse then the Ilovaisk cauldron. It will be an invisible death from the sky – “grads”, artillery and fire. The Army of Novorossia has THREE times more artillery systems than in the summer of 2014.

Even now the losses of UAF are terrifying.

After Ukrainian army killed civilians, women and children in Donetsk, Gorlovka, the Army of Novorossia will not have mercy.

For Vanya [#jesuisVanya]!

Vania before with his brother Tima, killed by Ukrainian shelling, and after without two eyes, two legs and one arm

P.S. Moms of Ukraine, save your sons. Death came for them in Debaltsevo!

P. P. S. Asking for maximum repost.

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