“Ukraine No Longer Exists As A State”–DPR Ministry of Defense



Breaking Announcement by the DPR Ministry of Defense


Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

Citizens of the Donetsk People’s Republic!

While analyzing information found on the internet,
newspapers, and Ukrainian TV, one can find numerous declarations to the effect

–The “cyborgs have done the impossible and held on to the

–“The terrorists were attempting to push the Ukrainian army
out of the airport, but took heavy casualties and retreated…”

–“Everything is calm at the airport, the cyborgs are
holding their positions…”

–“Shortages of food in Donetsk, hunger is approaching…”

One can see how Ukrainian media is deliberately spreading
disinformation. They want to spread panic within DPR, discredit the militia and
the civilian authorities.

At the same time, they want to show other parts of Ukraine
that resistance is futile and that any attempts at heresy and separatism will
be ruthlessly put down.

But there is a “BUT”, and a very important “BUT” at that:

We have seen increased artillery bombardments and
provocations by AFU (Armed Forces of Ukraine). Their main objective is to
intimidate us, citizens of DPR and LPR, and make us doubt our choice.

Kiev still can’t accept the idea that Donbass has never been
put on its knees, and nobody ever will. The idea that the DPR and LPR militia,
just as during the Great Patriotic War, is becoming a victorious army. We have
learned how to fight and how to win…Yes, we know the bitterness of defeat, but
we have also tasted victory. And the most important victories are still ahead
of us!

Only together with its people can the army win! Only
together will we achieve success! DPR army will not retreat, will not leave,
will not be frightened. People of the Donbass, Brothers and Sisters, together
we are making history. The time of great victories has come!

DPR Defense Ministry

Translator’s Note: The most important part of the message is
the assertion that the Ukrainian state has ceased to exist, an assertion that
has a great deal of empirical support behind it. It is undoubtedly true that
the Kiev government is hanging on by its fingernails, and that its main means of
support are the armed forces, particularly the volunteer battalions. Should
that base of support become too badly damaged or, worse, disenchanted, the
state will surely fall. Judging by the recent developments on the battlefield,
the reality is far removed from Poroshenko’s recent hyperbolic statements
concerning Ukrainian military preparedness. Aside from that, Zakharchenko is clearly the rising star of the moment, the single most capable and energetic leader in all of Novorossia.

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