Ukraine shuts down the border to stop the exodus of cannon fodder


January 21, 2015
Translated from Russian by Kristina Rus

There are long lines on the border of DPR and Russia, says reporter from MIA “Novorossia”. 50% of cars not with Donetsk and Lugansk plates, said the journalist. This is due to the complete shut down of the border between Russia and Ukraine, because of the new law (now one can only leave Ukraine with permission from a military enlistment office).

Because of the mass exodus of conscripts from Kharkov, during those last days the military enlistment office in the area processed only 2,000 recruits from the scheduled 3,500 (due to the massive loss of punishers at the airport, the plan for the recruits increased to 6,000). Recruits massively began to leave their homeland, the hype was so huge that Russia and Ukraine closed the borders by mutual agreement.

Parents of recruits pay a lot of money at Ukrainian checkpoints, to get to Novorossia, and through it to get to the Russian Federation and save their children.

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