Ukraine Succeeds in Turning Gold into Lead


January 6, 2015
Translated from Greek by Tom Winter

Alchemists for centuries worked in their labs attempting, with no success, to turn lead into gold, but in the 21st century Ukraine has achieved the opposite process, turning gold into lead!

The head of the National Bank of Ukraine acknowledged that there is no gold in the treasury of the Central Bank — just one percent of the reserves. It was revealed that one third of the national reserves of Ukrainian gold went missing in the last months since the takeover of power by the neo-nazis and the control of the Central Bank by Soros. As reported by Ukrainian site “Capital,” and other media, the theft was discovered in the Odessa branch of the Ukrainian Central Bank. As these reports have it, the gold turned out to be — painted lead! The loss to the Central Bank, which was tricked into buying lead, is estimated at five million of UAH or about $319,000. The sting, a very bold deed — took place in the period from August-October.

In 2008, the Central Bank of South Africa refused acceptance of Ethiopian gold, being sceptical about its contents. Tests carried out in Ethiopia confirmed that a dozen kilos of the gold in the vaults were gilded steel. And again, a shareholder of the Ethiopian bank is the infamous Soros.

The fraud, and information of its discovery in Odessa, coincides with the IMF’s publication of activities by central banks in the gold market. According to the IMF, the National Bank of Ukraine, like the Greek banks, privatized since November, has checked out/tested 2,488 tons of gold, and has in total, officially, without sorting out gold and lead (!) 23,639 tons of the precious metal.
In comparison, Ukraine began 2014 with 42.61 tons of gold, since depleted to current levels.


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