Ukrainian Armed Forces are bombing the Right Sector; Batman update


The Right Sector

January 10, 2015
Yurasumy – Live Journal
Translated from Russian by Kristina Rus

The last few weeks I have been watching reports from the front line … and I am no longer surprised. During the shaky ceasefire between UAF and NAF (just think of rotations at the airport), very often when describing these battles online appear the names of volunteer battalions and the Right Sector.

And according to my (Mikle1) source from Donetsk, UAF artillery is helping NAF to clean the future of Ukraine from “patriots” (perhaps “by mistake”). Literally every day I read reports about the dead on the side of [Ukrainian] volunteers or National Guard (there are no conscripts on the front) or remaining territorial battalions (those which remained independent are mainly staffed by volunteer contingent). And it leads to certain conclusions.

It seems like the leadership of UAF (I think thanks to Poroshenko) is ridding their ranks from the ballast, which is long overdue, and which sooner or later would turn the weapons against the government. And this is a very convenient moment in time. And most importantly there is no need to explain the losses. For the state of Ukraine these are all unaccountable losses [tr. – since volunteer battalions are not part of UAF]. Certainly in these battles ordinary soldiers/conscripts are killed (because there is no other way). But as reported from the ground, the bulk of it are volunteers of all stripes.

The reason is simple. In the event of a peaceful end of the conflict volunteers become unnecessary and even dangerous. Therefore, they try to start a war in Donbass at any cost (which hasn’t had a chance to end). And they die (by the way, it suits both sides).

I want to note that the Ukrainian officials are not particularly bothered by these battles and they try not to notice them. As well as the losses.

P.S. By the way it is very remarkable that the militia is no longer storming the airport. I certainly can’t say for sure, but one thought comes to mind. It happened at the same time as the destruction (final) of discontent among [Novorossia] warlords. It seems the process of getting rid of people willing to fight is mutual. It just started earlier among the militia, and ended sooner. And on the other side of the front line it had just begun. And therefore it’s not the end yet.

PP.S. Confirmed (as much as I could) the situation with Bednov [Batman] (since its related to this subject will put it here). He among all of rebellious commanders was (according to the source) the most manageable and integrated with authorities, but… His main problem was that he paid a lot of attention to the media (personal PR, and that was fatal) and was still defiant . This is why he was killed. Unfortunately. On the other hand all the others (Dremov, Mozgovoy and others) stopped fooling around overnight and more of this should not happen again. So this is what happened. Someone had to go. It was Bednov.

The second PP.S. Please consider it not as an imposition of someone’s opinion, but as information. Hopefully useful. 80% of it was calculated earlier, but the source just confirmed my suspicions. Again I repeat I condemn such killings as a human, but I understand why it happened.

One may ask how is it possible for the Ukrainian troops to target their own volunteer battalions. Many Ukrainian POW’s reported that Ukrainian artillery units are blindly following orders and are given coordinates, without the knowledge of who they are targeting. This is how the POW’s explained “having no idea” that the residential neighborhoods and critical infrastructure was targeted. The same may apply to targeting of volunteer battalions. On the other hand this shelling can be simply blamed on NAF. This has also been confirmed by NAF multiple times.

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