Ukrainian Fascists Bombed Greek Villages



January 6, 2015
Translated from Greek by Tom Winter

Greek news from Dec 8, 2014:

On the occasion of yesterdays bombing of Greek villages in the Donetsk region by the government army of Ukraine, the Deputy from Thessaliniki Gabriel Avramidis made the following declaration:
“Upon the declaration of the president of the Federation of Greek Communities of Ukraine, Mr. Alexander Protsenko-Pitsatzi, about the prohibition of the use of the Russian language being language extremism and a violation of humans rights characteristic of a totalitarian regime, the regime in Kiev responded by bombarding the Greek villages.
To specify, they bombarded Stila, Komsomorsk, Telmanovo, Dokutskaevsk, and Petrovskoe, villages remote from the zone of conflict, but where there are ethnically Greek casualties, killed or wounded. According to the Greeks of the region, more than 100 homes have been destroyed.
I call upon the Greek government to take immediate steps to protect the lives and property of the Greeks in the area.”

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