Ukrainian nationalists not welcome at Mariupol memorial service


Mariupol shelling

January 26, 2015
Translated from Russian by Kristina Rus

Qatari English-language news agency “The Peninsula” published an article titled “the Ukrainian port city was divided after the rocket attack.” In it, in particular, it talks about an unpleasant for Ukraine event at one of the Orthodox churches memorial service for those killed during the shelling of Mariupol on January 24.

The funeral service was held on January 25th and, according to the reporter, accompanied by a strong anti-Ukrainian statements and gestures from relatives and friends of the victims.

A few people tried to get to the memorial service with Ukrainian flags, when the audience began to shout at them “Shame!”

“These Ukrainian flags don’t belong here,” – said one of the women present.

Later, in conversation with the correspondent of the agency, she directly accused the Ukrainian troops of the bombing of Mariupol.

For Elena, which is the name of the woman who objected to Ukrainian flags in the church, the responsibility of the Ukrainian security forces for the attack on the city is absolutely obvious.

“We all know who is behind this,” she said. It is an organized provocation by the forces placed here!”

Translator’s Note:

As it is common in the Western press, the rest of the article tries to portray a balanced view of a divided city.

However, it fails to acknowledge that Mariupol has always been largely a pro-Russian city. The idiocy of Western press in calling the insurgents “pro-Russian” rebels fails to acknowledge their democratic right to choose their own destiny, and that desiring a close relationship with a country of which they were part of for a thousand years until 23 years ago is not a crime. It fails to understand that the reason why there was no conflict until a year ago is because their voices have been heard and manifested in the previous government of Yanukovich, which promised them cooperation with Russia. A break-up of the USSR, the successor of the Russian Empire, was a personal tragedy for the millions of Russians, who ended up overboard. But they had hoped that as long as their rights are respected, they can at least preserve their culture and keep the friendly ties with the motherland.

Once the minority of active Ukrainian nationalists overthrew the elected government by force, force was the only method they had left. To submit to forced Ukranization and accept the EU offer of destroying their industry was not an option. Each missile from the Ukrainian oligarch/Neo-Nazi alliance that fell on the peaceful cities of Donbass brought hundreds of volunteers to the militia. It would be shameful and dishonorable for Russia to abandon them in this moment.

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