Ukrainian Nazis will get flushed by the Turkish Stream


January 16, 2015
Mikhail Mishinin – Facebook
Translated from Russian by Kristina Rus

This is it, Nazis, to pobachennja [‘good bye’ in Ukr]! Nationalism in Ukraine will dissapear in five years.

5 years – is how much time it will take Russia for the construction of the “Turkish stream.”
It is very simple. Russia rejects the Ukrainian gas transit to Europe and redirects all of the volume to “Turkish stream”. No transit – no status as a transit country for Ukraine. No status of a transit country – the USA and the EU will lose interest in Ukraine. Everything in the world revolves around energy and the ways to deliver it. No status of energy producing or transit country – there is no interest of the United States. At the same time the third energy package of the EU falls apart, with which Europe wanted to become a single buyer of Russian gas and to deprive Moscow of the right to bargain and to set different prices for gas for different countries and so on. Ukraine ceases to be a lever of influence on Russia from the US and the EU. No lever – no Western money on war and nationalists.

This plan has only one drawback for the Russians. Putin is so good, successfully playing against the West even in the minority and with incomplete Slavic team, that the only way to influence him is to kill or topple him.

After the announcement of Russia’s refusal to transit gas through Ukraine from 2020, these risks to VVP [Putin] significantly increased.

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