Ukrainian Parliament declares Russia as an agressor


Photo: Pravda

January 27, 2015
Rostislav Ishchenko –
Translated by Krisitna Rus

The Verkhovna Rada with 271 votes officially recognized Russia as an aggressor. The MPs also called on the international community for the implementation of all measures to stop the military aggression against Ukraine, for strengthening of sanctions against the Russian Federation as a country that supports aggression on the territory of Ukraine, and declare DPR and LPR terrorist organizations. What is the reason of this decision, what it means and what the consequences might be, spoke the President of the Center of System Analysis and Forecasting, Rostislav Ishchenko in an interview to Pravda.Ru.

“Rada not only recognized Russia as an aggressor, but also recommended that the President actually declares war on Russia. That is, in this situation, Kiev regime, except for individuals looking for a personal gain, seeks to formalize the state of war with Russia. Ukraine has long said that it is at war with Russia,” – said Rostislav Ishchenko.

“But as the Russian army did not show up on the battlefield, Rada is trying to formalize it, believes the expert. “I understand that during the meeting of the Security and Defense Council, Poroshenko was pressured to declare martial law. When he resisted, they continued to push. Either they will force him, or else without him the Parliament or government of Ukraine will somehow formalize a state of war with Russia.”

Responding to the question, whether he expects NATO to help Ukraine, Rostislav Ishchenko told Pravda.Ru that the alliance is unlikely to be involved in the fighting in Ukraine. “By the way, to declare war on Russia – does not mean that Russia will go to war. So far, Novorossia army can cope with the Ukrainian troops. Another thing is that Ukraine and the United States want to have an additional trump card for international organizations, in their discussions with the European Union, to represent Russia as an aggressor,” – said Rostislav Ishchenko.

Therefore, he said, it is “actually a gesture of despair.” “Because they were trying to force Russia to take an active part in the hostilities on the territory of Ukraine for the entire year. Because it didn’t work, now the Parliament declares that Russia is the aggressor, Rada might as well vote for the fact that the sun rises in the West and sets in the East,” – finished Rostislav Ishchenko.

Translators Note:

Now we know the reason for Mariupol provocation.

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