Ukrainian “Slaveowner” Killed in Donbass Fighting (18+)



Ukrainian “Slaveowner” Killed in Donbass Fighting

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By J.Hawk

Aleksey Prytkov’s blog (linked to above) posted two photographs showing a dead Ukrainian soldier with a name-patch which reads, in Ukrainian “Rabovlasnik”, or “Slaveowner”. The dead self-styled member of the “master race” (and probably a worshiper of Stepan Bandera) clearly felt that the people who are fighting for their freedom on the Donbass deserved nothing better than to be treated as slaves. It’s as if a member of the US military chose to adorn his uniform with a “KKK” symbol, and the apparent fact that the none of his fellow soldiers or commanding officers saw anything wrong with such an overt display of racism indicates the depth of the rot pervading Ukraine’s society. Other blogosphere reports suggest this individual was not an isolated case–others have been seen wearing identical patches.

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