Ukrainian strongpoints overrun by LPR armor.



Breaking News: LPR armor breaks out toward Bakhmutka, takes Zhelobok, and is assaulting the 29th checkpoint, [Ukrainian] 24th Brigade is in danger of encirclement and is suffering losses.

 Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

The Ukrainian army was not able to stop LPR army offensive
and is reatreating along the road to Bakhmutka. This is being reported by
Ukrainian army soldiers and journalists. A member of the Donbass battalion
Yevgeniy Shevcheko wrote about it on his Facebook page:

“Tanks broke out toward Bakhmutka, and the militia has
entered into the village of Zhelobok. The 24 Brigade abandoned the 31st
checkpoint due to a hurricane of artillery fire. Fighting for the 29th checkpoint! We are ready for the meeting!”—writes Shevchenko.

The information was confirmed by Ukrainian journalist Sergey

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“The militia completely destroyed the 31st
checkpoint toward Bakhmutka. After 6 hours of artillery fire from everything
they had, armor went on the attack. [Ukrainian forces] destroyed one, but we
still don’t know what forces and how much equipment is participating in this
operation, whose objective is to surround the village of Krymskoye, and with it
the 24th Brigade which is based there.”

The former commander of the Donbass battalion Semen
Semenchenko mentioned battles in the vicinity of 31st and 29th

“There is fighting at the 31st and 29th
checkpoints in the Lugansk district, there are casualties among military units.”

Semenchenko also wrote:

“31st and 29th checkpoint. Lugansk
district. Starting in the morning, after a 6-hour artillery preparation, the 31st
checkpoint suffered heavy damage, and came under armored assault by the
terrorists. Army units holding defensive positions have many killed wounded,
there is no information concerning the number of killed.”

Translator’s Note: One should note here that should LPR
forces continue the offensive along their current axis of advance they will
soon reach…Slavyansk. While DPR and the fighting around Donetsk has been the
focus of everyone’s attention, in part because no geographic location in LPR had
acquired the mythical importance for Kiev that the Donetsk Airport did, it
would seem that LPR and DPR are better at coordinating operations than the
various battalions and brigades of the various armed formations constituting
Ukraine’s military power. The redeployment of reserves toward Donetsk and,
possibly, Mariupol could only have been accomplished at the cost of stripping
other sectors of the front. And let’s not forget that Ukrainian armed forces
are still much weaker (and no better led, armed, supplied, or coordinated) than
they were at the height of their power, in other words, on the eve of the
Ilovaysk debacle.

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