US General Thanks Crippled Ukrainian Soldiers with Tokens

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US General Thanks Crippled Ukrainian Soldiers with Tokens

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

General Ben Hodges, commanding the U.S. Army in Europe
(USAREUR) gave out commemorative tokens to Ukrainian soldiers cripped in the
fighting. The US general who came to Kiev for consultations on the conduct of
the war, praised the talent and bravery of Ukrainian soldiers and commanders.

“They ordered us to fire on a specific location from the
BMP, but it could not fire. Then they ordered the tank to fire, but it reported
it does not have sufficient hydraulic pressure to fire…I was lucky, because my
comrade, a grenade launcher operator whose skull was blown to pieces, fell on
me,” said the wounded 24-year-old soldier who left home two children.

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He also said that he spent one month in training, after
which he was sent into battle. His war lasted 2 weeks. On September 1 he
arrived at the front line, on the 14th he lost his hand and has been
in the hospital ever since.

Having heard the soldier’s story, the US general gave him a
commemorative USAREUR coin, which specifies that it was issued personally by
the commanding general.

Is this sufficient compensation for the loss of his left
hand for which a prosthetic will cost more than 100 thousand euro? The soldier
himself does not think so.

Translator’s Note: What stands out is the low level of
training and equipment readiness evident in the story told by the soldier.
Reservists are snatched from their homes, given very hasty retraining, and then
sent to the front line with non-operational equipment, which goes a long way
toward explaining why Ukrainian casualties have been so high. It’s not clear
what Ben Hodges is doing in Kiev, aside from putting into doubt the honor of
his uniform. “Talent and bravery of Ukrainian soldiers and commanders”?
Ukrainian commanders have shown neither in this war and Ben “token of my
support” Hodges surely knows it.

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