Video from Krasny Partisan taken by DPR on January 23, 2015 (18+)


January 23, 2015
Patriotic Forces – Youtube
Translated by Kristina Rus

January 23, 2015. Last night we took Krasny Partisan. Now it is under the control of DPR.

DPR soldiers:

– These are the results. Tanks and mortars shot at us. Those who didn’t surrender – 4 dead, the rest – POW’s we took away

DPR commander: We have 7 wounded. We offered them to surrender, they refused, and refused to leave.

Reporter: As far as I understand, from these positions they shot at Krasny Partisan and Yasinovataya?

DPR commander: Yes, they shot at Krasny Partisan and Yasinovataya, They blocked the road to Gorlovka, we had to go around, it’s a strategically important road. We had to get it back

Reporter: Are these the guys from the Right Sector, who didn’t want to surrender?

DPR commander: Yes, these are the guys who were shooting till the end, were holding the defense. One of them will be taken by his wife. I feel bad, of course. Those who were wounded, we gave them first aid, sent them to the Institute of Trauma, fed them, gave them cigarettes, they are in safety. We promised to them that the war is over for them, unless Poroshenko will send them back.

Reporter: Are these the journalists from the Western channels?

DPR commander: Yes, they used to film us in Slavyansk.

Reporter: Are they ok?

DPR commander: Yes, pretty adequate. At least what they are filming is good. At least telling the truth. Because it turns out we shoot at ourselves. We kill ourselves. You have to be an idiot to listen to this propaganda.

Look – young guys. One senior lieutenant, another – Armenian and two Ukrainians, I feel bad of course, but what can you do, its war

Reporter: Thank you

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Soldier reading the contents of an army meal:

– Canned meat, rice, black tea, sugar, natural honey… They didn’t have time to eat it, so we will take it!


– Hi mom, Zhenechka, dear, everything is good, perfect. Kisses to daughter!

Sticker on the door of Ukrainian bunker: “Armed Forces of Ukraine”

– Letters for the army. New Year’s cards. “We need peace!” Yes, we want peace too, that’s why we are asking you to leave us.

– This is how Ukrainian army lived  (showing empty bottles of alcohol)

– Our kids ask not to shoot, and their kids draw artillery and tanks going at us

– Hearts, Tryzub …

– Who comes with a sword will die of a sword

– Even underwear with a Ukrainian flag. This is how much we love Ukraine!

A woman walking home:

– I want to go home. I work in Donetsk, and can’t get home. I don’t wish bad to anyone. I just want peace. I spent 5 days in Donetsk, they were bombing so hard, it’s horror!

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