Video: Ukrainian POW’s captured at Donetsk airport face NAF commander Givi and the fury of Donetsk residents, graphic content (18+)


January 28, 2015

Ukraine’s Armed Forces try to storm Donetsk Int. Airport and get annihilated by Novorossiya Armed Forces headed by Givi, Motorola, and others. Full, uncensored version [not for the faint of heart].

Tate Ulsaker:

Warning… not for everyone.

This is a glimpse of war in Ukraine that you won’t see on any mainstream TV channel because it doesn’t fit into the fairy tale that they want you to believe about this war.

See the captured Ukrainian military forced to meet the civilians that they were killing in the city that they were shelling. That is only fair, right? But the western media wants you to think that it is the Ukrainians being attacked by Novorossian “rebels” in the east. Well let me ask you a question – why is all the fighting in the east? Why are all the civilians dying in the east? Why is the west attacking the east? Obviously, this isn’t about east Ukraine attacking the west it is about the US wiping out the eastern part of Ukraine so that Vice President Biden’s son, Hunter Biden can take profits from fracking gas out of the land using the largest gas company in Ukraine called Bursima where he is sitting on the board of directors. Only a defeated people would allow the US to Halliburton Ukraine into more blood profits.


What is happening in eastern Ukraine right now is being reported by the alternative media as a total route of the Ukrainian troops by the Novorossian defenders who are defending their homes, families and properties from continuous shelling and death by the Ukrainian government, backed by the US and NATO who want to bloody Russia’s nose and bring a larger war into the context of resource acquisition and global government. You won’t get any of this from the mainstream news. All of this information is “off limits” to mainstream that is presenting the approximate opposite of all these facts.
It looks to me like all the people who were accusing Russia of betraying the Novorossians might reconsider what it means to hold the moral high ground in a fight. People are waking up precisely because Russia has not attacked, has not invaded, has not “tried to retake their former soviet states” as the west has been reporting. Let’s be clear, the west organized a coup, a military takeover of the Ukrainian government complete with the installation of puppet leaders, even many of them foreigners. Ukraine hurriedly rewrote the constitution in order to accommodate their master’s new rules. This is an attempt at more resource acquisitions by the west. The saga of American resource wars continues in Ukraine and innocent civilians are dying for the sake of these war crimes, same as in many other parts of the world, for many decades already, and intensifying in this decade with targets Russia and Iran on the table.

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