“We are supposedly fighting against the oligarchy, but for some reason we are killing each other.”–Mozgovoy’s address



An Address by Brigade Commander Mozgovoy to the soldiers onboth sides of the Civil War.

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

“I want to address all those who are fighting on both sides.
We are, by and large, killing each other, instead of punishing those who
deserve punishment . We are supposedly fighting
against the oligarchy, but for some reason we are killing each other. In other
words, we are carrying out a premeditated suicide. I already said this in the
fall: the gladiators should have left the Colosseum. But instead we are seeing
new Colossea being organized. What do we need that for? War for the sake of war
is stupid. Does anyone still remember why we rose up? It seems that Ukraine is
being governed by those against whom we rose up [photos of wealthy Ukrainian
politicians and oligarchs, including Poroshenko, Taruta, Kolomoysky, Avakov,
Yaroslavsky, Akhmetov]. Is it not time to come to our senses, on both sides? Otherwise
none of us soldiers will be left alive. While those against whom we should be
fighting [smiling, glistening face of Poroshenko fills the screen, followed by
laughing Kolomoysky, Yatsenyuk, Turchinov], they will live on. And everything
will be as before. Therefore I am turning to you once again: start thinking. Your
brain ought to start working, not your grenade launcher. Then everything will
be as it should. As long as weapons speak, there will be only death. Turn your
heads on.   

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Kristina Kharlova
Kristina Kharlova (@kristina-kharlova)
6 years ago

Good start — but don't forget, Putin has tons of oligarchs behind him, too!

Eg. from the top 30 people in Russia with known assets today, 9 are
confirmed Parasites, 1 more strongly suspected: Pyotr Aven and Mikhail
Fridman (also an oilman in addition to banker banker) of Alfa Bank,
PutinÔÇÖs personal friends Arkady and Boris Rotenberg (partners in ÔÇ£judoÔÇØ,
hahaha, as well as banking and real estate moguls); other jew oligarchs
who support Putin include Viktor Vekselberg (oil, metals), Herman Khan
(banker, oil), Leonid Mikhelson (gas and chemicals), Aleksandr Abramov
(mining, steel); Leonid Fedun /appears/ to be a Parasite as well (head of
Lukoil). Of course, Parasite oligarchs Roman Abramovich and Mikhail Prokhorov
(claim to) ÔÇ£opposeÔÇØ Putin, but this is more tribal infighting than fear
of a principled Ethnic PatriotÔÇö for instance, Abramovich presented Putin with
his first yacht in 2000, and Putin says heÔÇÖs personally fond of this
Parasite fraudster. Putin, by the way, has FOUR yachts, 20+ official
residences, and /possibly/ upwards of $50B in personal wealth].

Kristina Kharlova
Kristina Kharlova (@kristina-kharlova)
6 years ago

Anyways, Mozgovoy needs to acknowledge the existence of the Ukrainian nation and legitimacy of its culture, otherwise we've every right to suspect he'd betray Ukraine just as Poroshenko-Valtsman did.

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