Who broke the ceasefire in Novorossia? (video)


January 17, 2015
Oplot – Youtube
Translated from Russian by Kristina Rus

“This whole conflict that started a few days ago was provoked by Ukrainian armed forces. And I think that this was started by those formations which are not controlled by the president or the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. One of our divisions came under a heavy mortar shelling, including their ammo storage. A large explosion occurred. Our fighters were lost. We did not have a human or moral right to leave it without a response. The Commander-in-chief of Donetsk Republic, Alexander Zakharchenko, visited the airport numerous times. He ordered our fighters to stop the fire and to offer the Ukrainian military a green corridor to leave the airport, since the airport is part of Donetsk People’s Republic. They, of course, refused. Most of them refused. Some did leave. Those who stayed were destroyed. The airport is completely under our control. And we are still catching some individual Ukrainian fighters.”

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