Who will win the Stalingrad of Novorossia: Cyborgs vs. Motorolas battle for months for Donetsk Airport


Red: NAF; Blue: UAF

January 17, 2015
Emelamud – Live Journal
Translated from Russian by Kristina Rus

On the map, as usual, the position of UAF is marked blue, red – positions occupied by the militia. Number 1 is a new terminal, and number 2 – old.

The line going through the takeoff and the landing strip, certainly is not exact. I don’t think anyone now knows where exactly is this line. It denotes occupied by the militia perimeter of the airport.

Today there was a lot of photos and video from the new airport terminal, so we can confidently say, no cyborgs [UAF] are left at the airport. Interesting, of course, where did they go? It seems to me the remains were let go.

However, in the Ukrainian section of the Internet with confidence, strong even by the standards of the Maidan, keep telling that there are still “cyborgs” at the airport. Someone last night wrote that on the 3rd floor “motorolas” are being finished, someone that they will now blow up the remnants of the Chechens in the basement.” In general, Ukrainian journalists and Facebook warriors are “having a ball” however they can.

Someone says that “cyborgs” are blocked. Someone says that “cyborgs” have been released and have already received back up. It is noteworthy that everyone is citing the “cyborgs” themselves. It seems like all they did, while at the new terminal, is answered calls and texts.

The fact is, militia took up positions at the airport and is repulsing the increasing attacks of UAF. At night UAF tried to break through to the terminal on light MT-LB. Actually this is a very questionable endeavour. However, in the morning (January 17) began attacks with tanks. Currently, the battle continues. According to some reports at the time of this writing UAF is already retreated leaving several damaged vehicles.

In general it is easy to understand whats going on. At the airport, by and large, the same is happening as at Saur-Grave. Both terminals are occupied by the militia. UAF command publishes news that the new terminal is theirs. However there are no cyborgs there. The calculation is simple: to get the terminal back as soon as possible and to say that all this time we were sitting there. They are releasing video with a clear indication that they are not less than a month old. Well, if they can break through they will make another video with the theme “we were here all this time”.

There is a difference from the August battles at Saur-Grave. Then UAF version was debunked. Now we have the complete opposite. The taking of the terminal was announced back when there were still pockets of resistance. As I see it, it was made to provoke UAF for an unprepared attack in an awkward part of the front. Which is happening now.

The finale is not hard to predict, but I won’t do it. Better will once again draw the reader’s attention to the abundance of the victorious news of Maidan resources. Dzindza already broke into Donetsk. What’s  will happen if in the end the Ukrainian side will understand that the airport is under militia? Or they will take Peski? Will start shouting that once it happened, the “cyborgs” were betrayed. And then all these Facebook warriors, which now replicate the victorious news, will point to a “traitor” (which should be removed by the employer).

I.e. there are two options. Either in the end the “cyborg” will return to the terminal and there will be a lot of posts on the topic of “I told you so” or “UAF is the strongest!”. Well, if it doesn’t work or even Peski will be lost, they will complain about a betrayal and people, unnecessary for the organizers of these tantrums will be removed.

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