Will there be a “Night of Long Knives” in Ukraine?


  • January 5, 2015

On January 5, 2015, Rada Deputy Semen Semenchenko wrote on his Facebook page that he created a web site with information on the so-called “Ilovaysk encirclement”.

He also intends to ask the Verkhovna Rada to create an investigative commission that would focus not only on what he called the “apotheosis of the counter-terrorist operation” but other events, starting with what happened in Crimean.

“We will not allow Ilovaysk to be ignored. The guilty must be punished and the causes of the tragedy must be understood, not only for the sake of the dead but also of the future of Ukraine. Without turning this page of history, without understanding the reasons and learning the lessons, it is impossible to build a new army and start winning victories” said the deputy.

According to Semenchenko, the web page will include not only the official information from the last Verkhovna Rada’s investigative commission, but also the personal accounts, photographs, and videos of participants of the operation.

Translator’s Note: 

This aspect of Ukrainian politics, in particular, is increasingly beginning to resemble the tension between the Reichswehr (soon to become the Wehrmacht) and the SA stormtroopers under the leadership of Ernst Röhm. The SA was useful to Hitler and the German oligarchs who supported and funded his party for the simple reason their street violence was useful in intimidating the genuine opposition parties, namely the SPD and the KPD. However, the SA had bigger ideas—it wanted to purge the Reichswehr of its aristocratic officer corps and transform itself into Germany’s military. That conflict was resolved during the Night of Long Knives, when the SA’s leadership was arrested, many being subsequently shot. However, Hitler and his backers needed a professional military for the upcoming conquest of Europe. Will there be a similar “Night of Long Knives” in Ukraine, or will Ukraine’s neo-Nazi “volunteer battalions” and their leaders establish a firm control over all of Ukraine’s military and security services? Ironically enough, the defeat at Ilovaysk and other places was to a large scale due to the lack of discipline, expertise, and fighting spirit of the “volunteer battalions”, which was quite at odds with their PR campaign to establish themselves as the “cyborg soldiers” of Ukraine, its most stalwart defenders. So if “Semenchenko” is raising this issue, it is only because he (and his backers) wish to be rid of Ukraine’s professional officer corps.

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