Yarosh Claims He Was Wounded in Donetsk Airport Battle



Dmitriy Yarosh Wounded In Fighting for Donetsk Airport

 Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

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The leader of the Right Sector and the Verkhovna Rada deputy
Dmitriy Yarosh was wounded in the battle for the airport. Journalists reported
he was evacuated from the battlefield.

The Nazi was injured by a nearby shell explosion, as a
result he has an open fracture of the lower shoulder (above the shoulder). His
hand is seriously damaged, but his head injuries are light—he was saved by his
helmet that took a glancing blow.

Translator’s Note: Yarosh must have read Mein Kampf well
enough to realize a wartime injury is a major political asset, especially when
it comes to accusing others of inflicting a “stab in the back” on brave
Ukrainian patriots. Yarosh thus joins the proud ranks of other extremist
paramilitary commanders who proudly sport their injuries obtained in
less-than-clear circumstances. For all we know, Yarosh simply got himself into
a traffic accident—an open fracture is not exactly consistent with being
peppered by shrapnel from a nearby shell explosion, but it is something you
might get if, say, you drove your vehicle into a ditch. As are light head
injuries. Not that a head injury would be a problem for someone like “I have a grenade in my pocket” Yarosh…

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