Yarosh to launch a Waffen-SS-style military organization


 Ukraine’s wannabe Himmler enjoying a shot of whisky while recuperating from yet another convenient wound.


Yarosh proposes to create one more General Staff

By Yurasumy

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

The Ukrainian army’s break-up into two parts may soon become
a reality. Many military formations are unhappy with their  General Staff and are in the process of
creating their own:

“Right Sector leader Dmitriy Yarosh declared that volunteers
and some military formations may create a ‘parallel General Staff’. In his
words, the current GenStaff has few competent leaders, maybe 10% of the
generals could be kept from the deadwood that has accumulated there.

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In Yarosh’s words, one has to create a system that would
permit actual combat officers to replace ineffective commanders on the General

“I’ll even say more. If we see that the control of forces is
not improving, we would create a kind of a parallel General Staff” which would
cooperate with the official General Staff, but would make its own decisions, in
the form of certain recommendations.”

“That General Staff would receive the support of many
military units, both regular and volunteer”, clarified the Right Sector leader.

He said that the work had already started.

I bolded the most important part of the article. Yarosh is
Kolomoyskiy. There are many units which would subordinate themselves to
Kolomoyskiy. Once they create their own General Staff, they will stop being
part of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. That would complete the creation of
Kolomoysky’s army which would then fight…whoever it wants to. If it wants to
fight together with the Ukrainian military, that’s fine. But if it doesn’t,
nobody will be able to order it to.

P.S. Ukraine’s collapse is reaching the stage of the army’s
break-up into at least two parts. The army does not know it yet, but it is
being consciously prepared for it. This is the Makhnovschchina [reference to
early 1920s insurgency in Ukraine] that Novorossia was able to avoid. Even

Translator’s Note: The Army–Right Sector duality reminds
one of the Heer—Waffen-SS relationship back in the days of Hitler & Co.
Yarosh must have studied that regime because he seems to follow closely in the
footsteps of Heinrich Himmler and his attempts at creating a parallel state
structure in the form of SS that would eventually take over Germany after
Hitler’s inevitable demise. Waffen-SS likewise attracted a great deal of “talent”
from the Heer, especially young ambitious officers of non-aristocratic
background. The battlefield defeat of Nazi forces at the hands of the Red Army
did not allow Himmler to implement his plans (though one has to keep in mind
that it was Himmler who was most interested in a separate peace with the West,
presumably in the hopes he would have been allowed the control of Germany following
the ouster of Hitler). Since, at the moment at least, it seems unlikely that
the Russian Army will march on Kiev any time soon, Yarosh’s plans have a rather
greater chance of completion. Finally, I am not sure I can fully agree with the
notion that Yarosh is simply Kolomoysky’s stooge. Kolomoysky himself may think
so, and for the time being Yarosh is happy to maintain that illusion, when the
time is right Kolomoysky is going to quickly find out the Ukrainian Waffen-SS
takes its orders from the card-carrying member of the “master race” Yarosh, not
some Jew oligarch.

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