Yatsenyuk is a warmonger and a puppet of Ukrainian oligarchs – Bundestag deputy


January 9, 2015
Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

Deputy Chair of the Die Linke faction of the Bundestag, Wolfgang Gehrcke, made an official announcement criticizing official German policies toward Ukraine.

Gehrcke’s words were cited by SputnikNews.de: “There is not a single reason to call Yatsenyuk an ally of Germany or a guarantor of peace. Pronouncements to that effect by President Gauck and Chancellor Merkel are inappropriate and incorrect.”

In Gehrcke’s words, Yatsenyuk is a warmonger who works in close collaboration with right-wing extremists.

“He wants the West to take a russophobic course and conduct its foreign policy correspondingly. Given his close relations with the United States, we have to ask ourselves this question: is the goal of his visit to worsen US-EU relations? Yatsenyuk is a puppet of Ukrainian oligarchs,” added Gehrcke.
The Bundestag deputy also posed the question why the president and chancellor did not even attempt to propose an alternative political approach to Yatsenyuk.

“Anyone who wants the Minsk agreement fulfilled must ensure the withdrawal of Ukrainian forces from the east of the country. The fulfillment of this agreement also implies allowing and providing humanitarian aid to Lugansk and Donetsk. Anyone who is emphasizing the importance of Ukraine’s membership in NATO and wants to rearm the Ukrainian army with US help is not thinking of peace but rather of a new East-West confrontation. And this is exactly what neither Germany nor the EU need!” – concluded Gehrcke.

 Let’s hope that the left-wing opposition to Merkel will use Yatsenyuk’s words, and Merkel’s failure to comment on them in any way, to maximum effect. Most Germans (or Europeans and Americans) still don’t know what is happening in Ukraine. And why should they, considering that the “free” Western media have been relentlessly advancing a single, consistent narrative of “imperialist Russian aggression against freedom-loving, pro-Western Ukraine.” If Yatsenyuk’s own words help seal his doom, so much the better.

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