“Yatsenyuk, Turchinov, Klichko ought to take poison or shoot themselves, like Hitler and Himmler.”–A View From Ukraine



I can’t imagine how the Ukrainian government is planning itsundeclared war against Russia, especially in the East which borders Russia. 

By Mikhail Mishchishin

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

The Maidan anarchy broke the Ukrainian army and all security
services. Volunteer battalions are useful against unarmed civilians and excel
as marauders and executioners. But they do not know how, do not like, and do not
want to fight, withdrawing as soon as the fighting against militiamen and
Russian volunteers gets serious.

Our highly praised volunteer commanders tend to receive very
timely wounds so as to be evacuated from the battlefield ahead of the cannon
fodder, in the same fashion as they disappeared (along with Yatsenyuk,
Turchinov, and Klichko) from the Maidan just before it was fired upon by
snipers. Or, even better, they became Rada deputies and are now defending
Ukraine there, not at the front.

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What is the Ukrainian government hoping for? NATO help? But
NATO will not send its soldiers to their deaths in the same fashion as Ukraine’s

Maybe the Americans will defend us? Oh, sure, they’ll fight
willingly. But they also don’t hurry to help. US military personnel may not
show up in Ukraine at all. It’s obvious they’ll get another Vietnam or
Afghanistan here. War against the Russians will once and for all bury the
Hollywood myth of the invincibility of the US Marines.

This myth is worth much more than the lives of Ukrainian
soldiers and civilians. Far more billions of dollars were invested in it than
in the democratic dismantlement of the Ukrainian state through “for sale”
politicians, journalists, experts, sociologists, and economists. Five billion
dollars is small change for the US. They can easily write off the loss. No, the
US intent is for Russians to fight against Europe. The US wants to look at the
slaughter from afar, participating in it just as they participated in World War
2. They’ll arrive in Kiev just as they arrived in Berlin. To divide Germany,
not fight against fascism.

I see only one natural exit from the dead end of the Maidan
and civil war. Yatsenyuk, Turchinov, Klichko ought to take poison or shoot
themselves, like Hitler and Himmler. Their suicides saved the Germans and
Germany from complete annihilation. If Ukraine’s leaders are patriots, as they
claim, they can simply leave the game. Thus saving Ukraine and Ukrainians from
death, a total economic collapse, and the destruction of Ukrainian cities.

The time to die for Ukraine has come. But not for simple
workers and peasants. The time has come for you. Weren’t you the ones shouting
for Yanukovych to leave? He left. Now it’s your turn. Just leave us once and for
all. And then the war in Ukraine will end.

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