Zakharchenko about the shelling of Mariupol


January 25, 2015
Russian RT
Translated by Kristina Rus

“Until today we did not conduct active operations near Mariupol. We are saving our forces. But now, after Kiev decided to dump the responsibility for the erroneous fire of their “Grads” from Berdyansk on the residential neighborhood on us, I gave the order to suppress the positions of the Ukrainian troops, located to the East of Mariupol”, – quotes RIA Novosti Zakharchenko’s statement.

“No one is planning to storm the city”, – said the leader of DPR.

According to Zakharchenko, in the last days the Ukrainian side has pulled together a powerful formation of troops to Mariupol, the position of the militia in Novoazovsk is subjected to massive fire from Grad rockets and heavy artillery around the clock.

“Today, there appeared the armor from the 28th Ukrainian brigade. This is done so we would transfer our units in the direction of Mariupol tied up now in the defense of Donetsk airport to weaken us and squeeze us out of there,” – added Zakharchenko.

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