Zakharchenko announces the beginning of liberation of Mariupol, Debaltsevo cauldron will form in days


January 25, 2015

Translated by Kristina Rus

The head of Donetsk People’s Republic speaks in downtown Donetsk at the memorial to the victims of the trolley bombing on January 22, 2015:

How could I express my condolences? You know, when our comrades, loved ones and neighbors are dying – a part of us is dying. I want to say one thing – they are killing us not because we wanted freedom, but because we are different. We were able to do what each of them was scared to do. This is what makes us different – bravery, pride and yes, a love of freedom. I don’t agree that one should forgive the killers.

I want to say the following: Today began an offensive on Mariupol [the crowd cheers], God willing in a couple of days Debaltsevo cauldron will be closed. And it will be the best answer to honor the memory of the dead. Because we will pay back everyone, we will pay those who pulled the trigger or pushed the button which launched the missiles that killed our countrymen here. Those who shot people in Gorlovka, Makeevka, Yenakievo, Shakhtersk, Zhdanovka, Kirovka. Will pay back for each of our murdered child, and each old man innocently killed here. 

Glory to Donbass! Glory! (The crowd cheers)

And now I would like to have a moment of silence to all those killed by the Ukrainian punishers. 

Eternal memory to the dead!


A few minutes ago a memorial was held on Kuprina street, which was dedicated to the peaceful civilian victims, who were killed on January 22 by a missile which landed here.  The head of the Donetsk Republic Alexander Zakharcheno’s words that the militia, defenders of Donbass,  launched an offensive on Mariupol, which is occupied by the Kiev junta, caused an ovation from the crowd. The people were supporting and cheering.  All of this is showing that they will be fighting to get their land back. All of this shows that Donbass will never be a part of Ukraine, to live with the killers in the same state – is not an option. Soon, in several hours, days, a Debaltsevo cauldron will be closed, were another group of Ukrainian punishers will find itself. There is a great number of heavy equipment and personel. If they don’t surrender, they will be destroyed.  One cannot forget what a great significance Mariupol holds for Donbass – it is a great port city and a metallurgic center, one of the major industrial centers of former Ukraine, and now of Donetsk Republic. 

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