A letter from a Crimean to a Ukrainian



February 24, 2015


Translated by Kristina Rus

“I, as a native of Feodosia will answer you:

I remember 1992 very well, 1st Crimean referendum, when Crimea revolted and wanted to sail to Russia and how a state of emergency was introduced, and Berkut was brought from Western Ukraine on armored personnel carriers. As they stood at each intersection with Kalashnikov’s and put anyone face first in the dust, whom they didn’t like. How they pulled over cars and threw on the pavement all the contents of the trunks, tore the covers from doors and ripped the seats. Why? Just because. For fun. How they dispersed the march to Simferopol in defense of the First President of Crimea, Meshkov, firing from automatic weapons above the heads. How the Russian officers left with tears in their eyes, who did not want to live under Ukraine. Remember how they forced to wear vyshyvanochki [Ukrainian national shirts] on the first day of school, and forced our children to learn mova [Ukrainian language]. How they shut off Russian TV channels and planted their corrupt appointees. How they cut a hundred year-old rosary in the Nikitsky Botanical garden and built villas for Kiev bozos, and made gates to the garden to walk their dogs.

And how did we suddenly become traitors? How can you betray the occupiers? From occupiers one can only be freed. And about God and Karma, this is what’s happening now. My ancestors who shed blood for Crimea and Sevastopol, would not allow for the treacherous Ukry to sell my native Crimea to pindoses [Americans] for their base. 


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