Aidar battalion commander Melnichuk starts a fight in a Kiev TV studio


Sergey Melnichuk, commander of Aidar battalion

February 23, 2015
Chanel “Zvezda”
Translated by Kristina Rus

The head of a Ukrainian battalion Sergey Melnichuk, known for his scandalous antics, provoked a fight with a fighter of his own battalion. The conflict happened in the office of Channel 17, after the recording of a talk show.

The entire time on-air the hosts together with the invited guests – representatives of the Aidar battalion – tried to get to the bottom of the cause of a conflict, which has occurred in this military unit. 

However, the allotted air time was not sufficient to sort out all the issues. At the end of the broadcast, the participants of the conversation moved from the studio to the lobby, where they continued the heated discussion, and then, finding no compelling arguments, let the fists do the talking. The instigator of the brawl was Melnichuk. He attacked the fighter of Aidar, Maxim Kozub. 

This is not the first time that representatives of Aidar are involved in a fight. In December 2014 battalion soldiers gave a thrashing to a driver on the route Kiev-Borispol. On the video posted online by the victim, people in uniform can be seen, first pulling over the car, which tried to pass the column several times, and then (according to the victim) beating up the driver. 

A month earlier the Military Prosecutor of Ukraine started a criminal case against the soldiers of the battalion on the count of “murder”. Aidar fighters were detained in Lugansk region for an attempt to stop a passing car. When the driver refused to comply with their demand, one of the fighters opened fire from machine gun.

The video of the brawl can be seen here:

Телеканал “Звезда”

Комбат «Айдара» подрался с однополчанином на украинском телеканале

24 февраля 2015, 03:08

Глава украинского батальона Сергей Мельничук, известный своими скандальными выходками, устроил драку с бойцом своего же батальона. Конфликт случился в офисе «17 канала», по завершении записи программы.

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Kristina Rus: This list of Aidar crimes is far from complete, as it is one off the most notorious and feared battalions in Donbass. Pulling over vehicles seems to be their specialty. 

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