Bill calls for anti-war and anti-mobilization protesters to be arrested in Ukraine


February 7, 2015


Translated by Kristina Rus

Facebook: “Anton Gerashchenko [advisor to the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, Arsen Avakov] with Yury Biryukov and Boris Filatov”

Another hysteria in social networks.

Tomorrow Mariupol will hold a rally against mobilization. Disaster!

I would like to calm everyone down. The situation is under control of the Ministry of Interior and SBU.

Each person who tomorrow comes to the rally against mobilization, will be detained for several hours for questioning, and after collecting the finger prints and photographing, will be let go FOR NOW.

Reminding, that I  and my comrade, Boris Filatov, have submitted a bill about criminal liability for public calls for sabotaging mobilization. 

This law is designed not against the mothers, who let their sons go and defend their motherland with tears in their eyes. 

It is directed against paid and unpaid provocateurs, as well as brainwashed idiots, who under the orders of Russian special agencies, create panic and stir hysteria in the society, in order to brake the will of the Ukrainians to victory. 

It will not work!

As soon as Verkhovnaya Rada and the President will support my and Boris’s law, all provocateurs calling for the sabotage of mobilization will be arrested!

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