“Ceasefire Without Peace”

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Statement by War Criminal Poroshenko: Ceasefire Without Peace

By Da_Dzi

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

One. “I am particularly concerned with the situation in the
Debaltsevo staging area. Yes, staging area and not a cauldron. Because the
glorious [sic] Armed Forces of Ukraine have held those lines which they were
ordered to hold by their Commander-in-Chief.”

Two. “We proved that the troops in Debaltsevo received four
convoys with food, ammunition, personnel rotation, and new armored vehicles.”

Three. “We are certain that the ceasefire is what Ukraine
needs. It’s what the whole world [sic] needs.”

Four. “Unfortunately, the peace process is in great danger.
Because the militants [sic] are using the difficult situation at Debaltsevo in
order to violate the ceasefire.”

Five. “Nevertheless I have given orders to the UAF, National
Guard, MVD, Border Troops, and the Security Service of Ukraine to cease fire.”

The above are direct quotes from Poroshenko’s speech. Let’s
analyze them.

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Firstly, Poroshenko refuses to acknowledge there is a
cauldron at Debaltsevo and that it’s a problem. If it’s a “staging area”, then
Kiev will continue sending there its untrained, inexperienced cannon-fodder.
And bring out their remains. The Mechnikov hospital in Dnepropetrovsk should
get ready for the next batches of future disabled. The cauldron is becoming a “Ukrainian
nationally-conscious patriot meat-grinder 2.0.” Earlier that role was filled by
the Donetsk Airport. So the strategy has not changed. The Ukronazis are being
ground to dust. I won’t be surprised if we soon start hearing of “Cyborgs 2.0.”
A fascist society canot exist without myths and without glorification of its
heroes, whether in Nazi Germany or in Ukraine.

Secondly, Poroshenko tried several times to shift the blame
for a future ceasefire violation on to Russia. Poroshenko seems certain that
even a weak ceasefire will not last long. Poroshenko already said that the “militants
[sic] are using the situation to violate the ceasefire.” So his attitude and
plans are already well known. Moreover, Poroshenko did not conceal that he
already managed to speak to his master Obama.

Thirdly, Poroshenko listed the UAF, NatGuard, MVD, Border
Guards, SBU…but did not say a word about the Right Sector! While already on
2/13 Yarosh officially said that he does not consider his organization bound by
any Minsk agreements. And warned that “if the UAF receive orders to withdraw
heavy artillery and equipment and to cease fire, the Right Sector reserves the
right to continue combat operations according to its own operational plans.”
Let’s not forget that the Right Sector is recognized by Kiev as an “unofficial
military formation.”

So there will be no peace. It is not possible. Poroshenko himself
confessed several times that he does not control the wild Ukrainian Nazis.
There will be only provocations by Kiev in order to cast the blame on
Novorossia and Russia. Provocations ordered by Poroshenko’s bosses.
Provocations due to the convictions held by the blue-yellow Nazis. So the war
will continue.

Until the Verkhovna Rada is not destroyed and the Ukrainian
Nazism is not destroyed once and for all. Until our soldiers write “We Are Here”
on the ruins of the Verkhovna Rada. 

J.Hawk’s Comment: Is it going to come to that? Not
sure whether this is a prediction or a warning as to what will happen should
Poroshenko violate this ceasefire as well. Let’s face it, Poroshenko is getting this precise message from many sources, possibly including from Putin himself in Minsk (something to that effect was suggested by Lukashenko). But this is only one of many sources of pressure Poroshenko faces.

 As noted before, there are many
reasons to believe the West is no longer writing Poroshenko blank checks simply
because he (as well as Yatsenyuk, Turchinov, and the rest of the junta)
singularly failed to deliver what they promised. The idea was for Ukraine to “deal”
with Novorossia on its own, while the West looked the other way. Once the junta
proved incapable of that task and, in effect, asked the West to consider
starting World War 3 on its behalf, the West balked.

The West’s Plan A was
the economic colonization of Ukraine—and the junta was willing to deliver that
in exchange for political support. That plan had failed, so Plan B is the
strip-mining of whatever assets Ukraine still has through IMF conditionality
and other Western “aid” programs. What I think the West expects of Poroshenko
now is to effectively repress Ukraine’s own population so as to ensure those
terms are met. Western creditors will be paid, no matter what, even if it means
the Right Sector has to shoot down protesters in the street. 

So will Poroshenko buck the outside pressure and plunge Ukraine into more war? Risk taking the world with him if he feels he is going down himself? Time will tell. 

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