Debaltsevo cauldron on fire (video)


February 9, 2015

Translated from Russian by Krisitna Rus

Kalmius Brigade at work at Debaltsevo cauldron

“Hello to everyone! We are fighting here for the people. What they say in Ukraine is all lies and BS. And don’t call us terrorists! Terrorists are those who are killing their own people. And we are fighting here for the children and for the people. And for what you did here, your government will wash with blood!”

“When we will defeat them, then everything will be okay, because justice does exist!”

“I am from Rovno, people, open your eyes, there is Internet, see what’s going on!”

“We just wanted to sent a message to the ukrops, just like they sent us a message yesterday on the Hurricanes to Donetsk”

“What did they write?”

“Die, bastards!”

“Greetings to the ukrops! You will be chased from here in any case! We have plenty of strength and enthusiasm!”

“A fiery hello to everyone!”

“This is called “a massive artillery prep”!”

“What do you think about this?”

“The victory will be ours!”

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