Debaltsevo Deja-Vu–or why the war will continue…



A Nazi helmet found on an abandoned UAF position in Debaltsevo

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

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The conditions on the outskirts of Debaltsevo clearly
indicate that UAF soldiers fled in panic, having abandoned their weapons,
equipment, and personal belongings. Among them was a German helmet from the
1940s, found in an officer’s dugout of the 13th Chernigov battalion.

The commander of Cossack reconnaissance with a call sign of “Kot”
[Cat] is showing the fortified area where the UAF set up several defensive
lines to the journalists—bunkers and trenches.

Today Debaltsevo is comparatively quiet, but one can hear
exchanges of fire around the city. The adjacent village of Chernuknino has been
totally destroyed.

J.Hawk’s Comment: If there’s one thing that perhaps needs to be emphasized for the North-American audience is that such “finds” have a provocative effect that may be difficult to appreciate in a country that had never experienced the Wehrmacht and the SS first-hand. But many, if not most, Russians will see only one solution to the problem…

…and if that fails…

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