Declassified CIA document: “Doctor Zhivago” should be considered for the Nobel prize


“Doctor Zhivago”, Russia,  2005

February 13, 2015
Source: Soul-Researcher

Kristina Rus

Declassified CIA document:

“Approved for Release: 2012/09/19


December 12, 1957

Subject: Pasternak’s Dr. Zhivago

1. ______ staff heralds the appearance of this book as more important than any other literature which has yet come out of the Soviet Bloc and is deeply concerned that its exploitation in the West be handled with care. They believe that the greatest effect could be achieved if the pressure of world opinion forced the Soviets to publish the book for domestic use. They are also concerned with the well-being of Pasternak and the effect on other writers inside the Soviet Union who would try to write an independent message tot he Soviet public.

2. For these reasons, ______ takes the following position:

a. Dr. Zhivago should be published in a maximum number of foreign editions, for maximum free world discussion and acclaim and consideration for such honor as the Nobel prize.

b. No Russian version should be published by _____ ______ or any other obviously political publisher.

c. Radio Liberation [Svoboda – KR] should not broadcast the Russian text until it is published but should concentrate on reporting independent reviews.

3. _____ has not yet obtained the Russian manuscript of the book, but is quietly seeking the manuscript.

4. It is recommended that the views of SR Division and of _____ be obtained on this approach and that US action on the exploitation of the book be coordinate, concentrating on obtaining for it widespread publication and acclaim. 

Comment written by hand:

“Pressure by foreign editors. No political public. [publication?] in Russia”


Kristina Rus comment

What we learned:

Literature from target countries should be “exploited” by the West

CIA can “pressure the world opinion”

CIA can tell publishers around the world what to publish

CIA can make a book a bestseller and can influence decisions on the Nobel prize

CIA controls Radio Svoboda (Liberty/Liberation)

CIA can coordinate US public reaction to literature and make possible widespread publication and influence the public opinion on literature

I wonder what they are up to today!?

“Doctor Zhivago,” 2005, Russia, all episodes (8 hours):

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