Defense Minister Shoygu Admits Russian Army is Fighting in Eastern Ukraine



Defense Minister Shoygu Admits Russian Army is Fighting in Eastern Ukraine

By J.Hawk

The photograph posted on Facebook by Mikhail Pashayev shows how the excited Defense Minister Sergey Kuzhugetovich Shoygu
explains Russian Army operations to President Putin, while the Russian General
Staff Chief, General Makarov, looks on in astonishment:

Shoygu: …and then I threw the Red Banner Sukhe-Bator Armored
Cavalry Division at Debaltsevo! The little Mongolian horses are getting stuck
to their bellies in the mud, but the gunners are continuing to fire from the
armored turrets strapped to the saddles, 125mm cannon are glowing red from
continuous firing, anti-tank missiles are whistling above the heads of the
riders, it looks like the attack is stalling! But then the Buryat Assault
Shaman Brigade starts to beat its drums to simulate 203mm howitzers.
The US radar goes nuts, its display reads: “we’re [email protected]”. The Ukrainians
are fleeing! Victory!”.

Putin: Kuzhugetyyyych…

Shoygu: Seriously, Volodya! That’s how it went down. You can’t
fool Psaki!”

J.Hawk’s Note: Though it’s satire, the references to Russian
units are taken directly from Ukrainian media reports on the fighting on the
Donbass, and even official statements. Hardly any Russian Army unit of note has
not been “decimated” by the UAF in its press releases…

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