Did Putin destroy Nemtsov’s dream to become the president of Russia?


Nemtsov and Putin

February 28, 2015
Translated by Kristina Rus
Vecher TV program

Nikolay Kovalev, Director of FSB (1996-1998) [while Nemtsov was vice Prime Minister of Russia]: 

“All the signs of murder for hire are evident, except one – in decades of my work I have never seen that the witness would be left alive. Never. I analyzed all the cases in the last several decades. All the companions were killed.  I think we are dealing with professionals, however I have certain doubts. Any professional strives for minimum number of shots. Professional killers usually use 2-3 shots. 

Boris is a unique person. I would not call him a classic opposition member. I remember the time when Boris Yeltsin told him “Boris, you are my successor, you will be the next president of the country” And Boris for some time analyzed his rating every day. If it dropped by one or two percent, he would ask those surrounding him, “why do you think my rating dropped?”  And when he was removed from power, of course he ended up in the opposition.

Also, the roots of this could be in the “wild” nineties, because Boris helped privatize some enterprises. And then when he ended up in power, he took some steps that lead to arrests of some of those at fault. So is this a “hello” from the nineties, the investigators will have to find out.

Kristina Rus:

This is far from a Western version of heroic opposition leader fighting against the tyranny of Putin. This is a former member of the establishment, whose dreams were squashed by Putin, and that’s the main reason why Nemtsov became one of his most vocal oponents. Nemtsov’s quest against Putin was simply personal. 

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