Doomsday Watch: Now Ukraine Wants to Seize Private Housing



Ukrainian Government May Seize Private Housing Using Martial Law as Pretext

By Fedor Stukin

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

The Verkhovna Rada approved without much fanfare the
so-called “housing duty”. This allows local administration under a martial law
to seize housing for the purpose of quartering soldiers and officers. President
Poroshenko announced earlier that the Cabinet of Ministers and Parliament may
introduce martial law if there is no agreement in Minsk.

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The Rada was not being idle while the negotiations were
continuing in Minsk. In addition to passing the “housing duty”, the Rada also
introduced jail terms for civil defense duty evasion.

The law specifies that individuals avoiding civil defense
duty during a “special period” or an “extraordinary situation” will be punished
by a jail term of two to five years.

Moreover, the Rada also made changes in the “Martial Law
Legal Regime” law, by adding the  “housing
duty” for physical and legal persons. This “duty” means that the military
administration can require any owner of real estate to quarter soldiers and
officers. However, this scheme is to be used only in areas covered by martial

J.Hawk’s Comment:  One should note that the quartering of troops and the seizure of individual savings (reported earlier on this blog) are explosive issues, so much so that two of the US Bill of Rights amendments specifically prohibit the US government from doing that. The fact they are even thinking of doing something like this is only an indication of their own growing desperation. The junta knew how to start the war, but
they don’t know how to stop it. It is literally as bad as that. In spite of the
obvious unwinnability of the conflict on the Donbass, and the growing pressure
from Western countries whose assistance will be limited to preventing Ukraine
from defaulting, they simply have no idea how to function in peacetime. Which
probably means that peacetime may be too much to ask for of this government.
Minsk-2 came and went, but everyone in Kiev is acting and speaking as if
nothing had happened. The ceasefire will be the next test. If it sticks, there’s
reason for hope. If not…as Zakharchenko had said (quite possibly echoing Putin’s
thoughts), there will be no more memoranda.

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