European guests: talks planned to fail on the eve of a big war


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February 6, 2015
Yury Selivanov
Translated by Kristina Rus

Statements by the European quests – Angela Merkel and Francois Hollande ahead of the meeting in Moscow with Vladimir Putin, above all indicate that they are not focused on a real progress in resolving the crisis in Ukraine.

This is evident by the openly demagogic phrases of the Chancellor on the need “to ensure the free self-determination of people”, by which Angela Merkel clearly means the military-fascist coup in Ukraine in February 2014, the results of which, apparently, she considers to be completely legitimate. And any challenge from the proclaimed Novorossia or, especially, Russia – is an unacceptable violation of the foundations of the world order and international law. To go with such “constructs” to Moscow and to expect to find there a full understanding – is a pretty crazy idea.

Not far behind from his colleague is the gentleman from Paris. Who first and foremost wants to “end the bloodshed and achieve a ceasefire in Donbass”. And he wants that, by a strange coincidence, at the very moment when junta’s position at the front is becoming less and less enviable and Novorossia militia is about to finish off the enemy in the biggest since the beginning of the war cauldron in the coming days.

Selective and extremely hypocritical “peacekeeping” of the West – is not new, well known to Moscow and it is unlikely that such marked cards of Hollande will be able to impress Putin. Better to return Mistral, or the money.

It is very likely that this whole mission to Moscow was especially conceived not so much as business, but as pure propaganda. With the sole purpose – to blame Moscow for the further escalation of the situation in Europe, which Washington probably already planned.

This is indicated by the special emphasis placed by John Kerry in Kiev, where he never ceased to repeat that USA does not want a confrontation with Moscow. In advance, so to speak, to save face in case of further complications.

Actually before beating the drums of war, one should – in the traditions of great European politics, appear to the world in the image of a dove of peace with an olive branch. So that when everything goes down to be able to say: see, we have done everything to ensure that this did not happen, even went to Moscow ourselves, setting aside our pride. And this damned Putin with his insatiable blood thirst ruined everything!

Pre-planned, judging by the unconstructive Western position, Moscow failure will be presented by Washington tomorrow to the “international community” as a direct proof of the unwillingness of Russia to accept any compromise in Ukraine, forcing America, of course much to her regret, to give the green light to the supply of heavy weaponry to Ukraine.

Russia has already warned that it will regard this step by the US as a threat to its security and, accordingly, will take adequate countermeasures. Thus, the European continent will get closer to a verge of a large-scale continental war. It is bad for Russia, it is a disaster for Ukraine, for Europe it is a great “gambell” [headache], as they say in Odessa. Is this bad for America? Not necessarily …. It has already successfully played this combination twice. Why not try again?

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