“Fairy tale-tellers in uniform”–Semenchenko blasts the General Staff



Semenchenko on the situation at the front–Facebook post

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

I am sick of the fairy tale spinners ever since the time of
claiming that Uglegorsk was ours. There are many people who are sincerely
confused who had been told a tale about a white elephant. But people whose
profession it is to whitewash the situation for the highest leadership are far
more dangerous.

So here it is. The Artemovsk-Debaltsevo is blocked by
terrorists at Logvinovo. The parallel Debaltsevo-Luganskoye road is blocked by
terrorists in Nizhelozovoye. Both roads are mined. No attempts to “de-block”
the road were made. Part of the Donbass battalion is at the front line in that

I am responsible for my words.

The fairy tale-tellers in uniforms, the sofa commentators,
go f*** yourselves.

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Glory to Ukraine!

P.S.: I’ll make the announcement when the road is open

J.Hawk’s Comment: So the blame-game continues. The thrust of
Semenchenko/Grishin’s accusation is that the military is directly responsible
for the debacle at Debaltsevo and, for all we know, he might actually be right.
But these types of very public comments on social media cannot possibly endear
him to the military leadership, and he has to know this. But one also has to
wonder whether Semenchenko even wants the encirclement to be broken. A big
defeat for the Ukrainian military would greatly weaken not only its order of
battle but also its prestige, thus weakening Poroshenko. Therefore Donbass
battalion’s half-hearted attempts at retaking Logvinovo are not surprising.

What is more surprising is the relative passivity (apart
from artillery fire) of the Ukrainian military. Surely they are not as
disinterested in suffering a major defeat and a loss of their reputation? In
the case of the UAF, the lack of battlefield success can probably be attributed
to the incompetence of its leaders and the low morale of its troops. However, that lack of battlefield success is raising the attractiveness of Yarosh’s idea for a parallel General Staff-like organization that Semenchenko likewise seems interested in advancing. Hence the accusation that the senior officers are not keeping Poroshenko apprised of the real situation at the front.

As a side note, it’s remarkable how quickly
Semenchenko/Grishin recovered from his “injury” supposedly suffered at
Uglegorsk, which was claimed to have been pretty severe.

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