“False Flag” Terrorist Attack in Kharkov? Two Dead, 15 Wounded [Periodically Updated]



Kharkov. Terrorist Act. Reasons to be Vigilant

By Yurasumy

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

The Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) had arrested suspects
in organizing the explosion in Kharkov. This was announced on Facebook by an
advisor to the SBU head, Markiyan Lubkivsky.

“The SBU had arrested individuals who may be connected with
the preparation and implementation of a criminal act of terrorist nature in
Kharkov, including the explosion which caused the death of 2 and injury of 8

The arrest was announced ONE HOUR after the explosion.

Explosion: 13:20

Announcement of Arrests: 14:48.

Here what had to have happened within that 1 hour 28

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1. The arrest.

2. The report of the arrest to the duty officer and then to
the SBU HQ. (Martiyan Lubkivsky might have known everything by then, in other
words everything was known within 1 hour 28 minutes after the explosion).


Video from the site of the bombing. 

I think it’s self evident that nobody would take a car,
especially with a St. George’s ribbon, would go to carry out an act like that.
But here we have a “credible” person (5:40 into the video) who will be the main
witness. The car will be found. Of course with a St.George’s ribbon.

J.Hawk’s Comment: The bombing targeted a pro-junta
demonstration in Kharkov. The “credible witness” says that just as they were
forming up for the march, a car with a St. George’s ribbon drove up, and then
there was an explosion. The “credible witness” seems to be wearing a German
flag armband, though the video is of too low a quality to identify it

This is an amazingly convenient act of terrorism. All this
time the Ukrainian government had been unable to persuade anyone to label
Novorossia a terrorist organization. This terrorist act gives them an excuse to
push their case and, as yurasumy says, they will find their “perpetrators” and
even a car with the needed ribbon. Should the West be persuaded to call
Novorossia a terrorist organization, it will weaken the opposition to supplying
Ukraine with weapons. It may even serve as a means of shutting down those media
outlets in the West (yes, including this blog) on the charge of “providing
material support to terrorists.” We’ll see whether Kiev launches a new diplomatic
offensive this week. On the debit side, whether the US or EU believes Kiev has less to do with the (non-existent) veracity of Kiev’s “evidence” than with what the US and the EU want to believe. Today the EU at least is more interested in de-escalating situation.

The domestic angle is even more self-evident, and this may be the real reason for this attack. This is the “Reichstag
fire” that was needed to justify an all-out campaign against political
opposition which the junta badly needs to launch for reasons discussed yesterday. The only question is whether the wave of arrests will be limited to
Kharkov and the environs or cover the entire country. Turchinov already announced the launch of a “counter-terrorist operation” in Kharkov.   

Update: Here’s a video showing the march under Svoboda and Right Sector flags, though the actual explosion is not shown. The SBU put up a video that showed the explosion, only to take it down. Nobody seems to have been shooting at the demonstrators, judging from everything, it was an explosion of a buried explosive device. 

Update 2: Ukrainian security forces begin to roll into Kharkov…


Update 3: Made_inussr blog recently posted several photos from the scene of the attack, including photographs of the four people arrested whose identity has not been revealed, but who Turchinov claims underwent training in Belgorod, Russia.  SBU claims to have confiscated one anti-tank rocket launcher, which appear to be a single-shot RPG-22 or an RPO Shmel flame rocket launcher. 

The blogger notes that even though these photographs were obviously taken at night, they were posted on tsenzor.net at 17:08 on the day of the attack–in other words, DURING DAYLIGHT. Could it be that the “perpetrators” were arrested ahead of time?

The blogger also notes that Rada deputies are already calling for the arrest of the Kharkov mayor Kernes, who has never shown…enthusiasm…for the junta. He is one of the obvious targets.  

Update 4: Poroshenko told Poland’s President Komorowski (who will believe any story in which the Russians are the bad guys) that the SBU averted a similar terrorist attack in Odessa. 

Update 5: Blogger Igor Golikov argues on his consigliere_rpc blog that the first, and since pulled, video showing the actual explosion also showed an SBU officer by the name of Igor Rassokha on the scene. Moreover, whoever filmed that video conversed with Rassokha on a casual, friendly basis. Rassokha made himself known by organizing a paramilitary unit during the summer of 2014 and threatening physical violence on anyone suspected of “separatist” leanings.

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