February coup – an old Ukrainian tradition


February 3, 2015
Translated by Kristina Rus

Three posts by blogger Da Dzi translated below

Da Dzi (Dmitry Dzygovbrodky)
Published January 16, 2015

“Poroshenko, you are toppled!” A Kiev coup possible at the end of February 

“It will happen in the best democratic traditions: in Kiev will gather the People’s Veche (Assembly) at the initiative of the Council of Maidan. The Council of Maidan will announce the “people’s impeachment of the traitor Poroshenko for failure of the operation in Donbass, Crimea, and cooperation with the Russian regime.”


What was said over the weekend [see below!] about Turchynov’s plans seems to be confirmed.Now pastor Turchynov looks at Petro Poroshenko, as the next sacrifice, and at the same time a scapegoat for the collapse of the economy and a loss of the war.

After the murder… or flight of Poroshenko, Ukraine will receive chaos and total war, which will be waged by the possessed pastor Turchynov [Turchinov is a baptist pastor]. Apparently, this is his “mission”.

It seems that at the end of February there will be another provocation on Maidan during the Assembly, and then a military coup.

P.S. If Poroshenko will have time to escape, he will most likely run to Batka [Lukashenko, the President of Belorus]. And then Alexander Grigorievich will also have his own handy Ukrainian President. As Vladimir Putin. 🙂

Published January 15, 2015
Da Dzi (Dmitry Dzygovbrodsky)

Alexander Turchinov, the “Saint” killer of Nigoyan and Odessa

The closer to the finale of the tragic play “Ukraine is not yet dead …” [The first words of the Ukrainian national anthem], the more people from the political elites of Kiev share information about the events of Euromaidan and spring of 2014. The instinct of self-preservation – not more. They are already themselves afraid of those monsters, who ended up in power.

Especially afraid of Alexander Turchynov – his power and influence is growing every day. And he would do anything to accomplish “his mission”. Yes, this is not a joke. He absolutely believes that he has a special mission – and for this mission he is ready for any sacrifice. Of course, he plans to sacrifice other people. “Wrong,” as he calls them in personal conversations. Such as Sergei Nigoyan. Such as those burnt in Odessa.

Back in July I talked about the oddities of Turchinov:

“Turchynov regularly talks to God. He could even retreat from a meeting with the American Ambassador, in order to “communicate” with the heavens. The Lord, according to Turchynov, always responds to his requests.”

Now these oddities have become the basis of Turchinov’s personality. Every action, every word of Turchynov is “suggested and dictated by the Lord” – Turchynov is not ashamed to say that when dealing with political colleagues.

Turchynov played a key role in many of the events of the first half of last year. Turchynov was responsible for “sacrificial victims” of Maidan: he selected the candidates, suggested scenarios, instructed the trusted Kiev journalists.

Remember Sergei Nigoyan? And remember this video?

When picking the first sacrificial victims of the “bloody tyrant” Yanukovych, Turchinov was showed pictures of the participants of the Maidan, the reports of journalists, videos from Maidan. As soon as Turchynov saw this video with Nigoyan, he immediately pointed at him. The casting was over. Less than a week later Nigoyan was killed.

It was Turchynov who wrote the script of Odessa for May 2. Kolomoisky provided the man power support. But all the events were planned out exactly by Aleksander Turchynov. In conversations he called the upcoming events “Strange Fire”. And on May 5, at the meeting on the results of Odessa, he quoted these words:

“And brought strange fire before the Lord, which He did not order them; and the fire left from the Lord and devoured them, and they died before the Lord.” 

In his private circle Turchynov does not hide his pride of this event.

He usually gives very great importance to blood and fire. Believes that they will save Ukraine. He is now planning an act of purification, but in Kiev. According to Turchynov, the President Poroshenko is leading Ukraine in the wrong direction.

If I was not sure that Petro Poroshenko has already earned the highest measure of social protection, I would feel sorry for him. He has almost no time left.

Alexander Turchynov: “The Man who believes in God, does not fear death. As death for us Christians, is the gate to meet our Creator. When there is faith, fear disappears. Go forward together and win.”

And, the latest:

Da Dzi (Dmitry Dzygovbrodsky)
Published February 3, 2015

Siege of the Presidential Administration in Kiev: Political cauldron in Kiev, special “cauldron” in Debaltsevo

And here is the continuation of the play. Everything is slowly moving towards the next coup. Just two and a half weeks left until the anniversary.

As they say, I’ve seen this before…

“The police and soldiers of the national guard of Ukraine managed to push back the protesters who tried to forcibly capture the building of the presidential administration of Ukraine.”


“Protesters require access to the conference hall of the APU (Administration of the President of Ukraine) and access to the journalists to broadcast their demands live on TV. Earlier the protesters broke through the first line of national guard. Police was called to the building. Protesters demanded to declare a martial law, and a resignation of all the leaders of the security forces – from the Minister of Defense Poltorak to the Prosecutor General Yarema.” 

The shaking of the boat has begun. Just like a year ago. Short attacks, strike-retreat, active work of the media. I see a hand of the same script writer. Very likely soon we will have more sacrificial victims of the bloody government. Pastor Turchinov will not change scenarios – he enjoys too much being the Director of Maidan.

Poroshenko is in a political einkеssеlung. [cauldron]


– The militants, who tried to siege the administration, demand the resignation of all the people of Poroshenko. For some reason I never saw among the demands of the militants a resignation of Yatsenyuk and Avakov. So, who ordered this attack, is clear.

– The adinistration was defended by the soldiers of the national guard of Ukraine. Therefore, Poroshenko through Poltorak has retained control of the NG.

– In the end, we see that Poroshenko among his assets has UAF and part of national guard. But UAF is  at the front. Except that it is necessary to carefully examine which parts of UAF are on rotation in the Kiev region.

The plot becomes more and more interesting every day. The activity of the “protesters” will increase with the approaching anniversary of the coup. And with the increased pressure of NAF on the Debaltsevo “cauldron”.

I deliberately put the “cauldron” in quotation marks. This is not a simple cauldron. Not a classic military kеssеl. The goal of the Debaltsevo cauldron is not the destruction of the encircled UAF troops. The goal is the internal political and social upheaval in Kiev. Or capitulation of Poroshenko before the Kremlin and consent to all the conditions of Russia and Novorossia – then Poroshenko will be saved from his own Ukrainian patriots.

Kristina Rus:

Da Dzi is one of the top few bloggers on Ukraine. He is a Russian-Ukrainian and is famous for financing NAF for several months with the money from the Ukrainian patriots, by setting up a blue and yellow paint business in major Ukrainian cities, along with Ukrainian patriotic memorabilia.

Turchinov is generally connected to Yulia Timoshenko.

One may wonder if the Debaltsevo cauldron was the plan all along, playing into Kiev’s desire to cut off Donetsk and Lugansk Republics, and luring them into a trap … 

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