“Financial Maidan” in Kiev Violently Dispersed by Riot Police



“Financial Maidan” in Kiev Violently Dispersed by Riot Police

By J.Hawk

The “Financial Maidan” was a protest staged at the National Bank of Ukraine to protest the crash of the hryvnya and the resulting impoverishment of masses of people. Earlier in the day, Kiev mayor Klichko accused the demonstrators of being “Russian provocateurs” and expressed puzzlement as to why anyone would protest higher utility costs and prices, as well as lower wages. Then he unleashed riot police on the demonstrators. Note that the demonstrators are quite unlike the “European Maidan” ones, in that you don’t see masked thugs waving neo-Nazi banners, only ordinary people suffering from the policies of the government. Judging by the high emotions, one should expect a repeat in the coming days. Possibly on a larger scale.

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You can sense, however, that European values have taken root in Ukraine! Shortly after the 5:00 mark, one of the police kindly informs the demonstrators that “if anyone hits us, we’ll shoot. I’m just telling you.” No, there will be none of the Yanukovych-style brutality. 

On the other hand, when one of the protesters asks the police “aren’t you concerned that what you are doing right now might be declared unlawful by the next government?”, the police don’t seem to have an answer…

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