Former prime minister of Ukraine wants to create “the government in exile”


February 21, 2015
Translated by Kristina Rus

MOSCOW, February 21. /TASS/. Former Prime Minister of Ukraine Nikolay Azarov has called for the creation of a “government in exile”, which would represent the interests of the opposition.

He said this on air on the program “Right to Know” on TVC channel, which will air on Saturday evening.

“I think that a representative body that would represent the interests of the vast number of people in the opposition, who were forced to leave the country, but have the knowledge and experience, have something to say to the Ukrainian people, such a body is necessary. The representative body, which will give people an alternative point of view, will develop the concepts of development of the country,” he said.

Former Prime Minister was also asked whether there was a possibility to avoid the change of power, to which Azarov replied that he, along with former President Viktor Yanukovych “tried to find a compromise solution and to resolve the conflict peacefully.” “But when about 100 thousand people come out on the square in Kiev, and the crowd is wired by certain slogans… to use force is simple, but what does it mean: “to use force”? Fire in the crowd?”, – he asked.

Azarov also stressed that he is not going to “clear himself of the blame for what happened”. “Maybe my fault is that I did not succeed in persuading Yanukovych  not not to use force against the crowd, of course, but to isolate the fighters, when there were not that many. In the first stage there was hundreds. It was possible to prevent the inflow of new fighters to Kiev. But when there was already 5 thousand and all of them were well armed …” 

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