“Gas War” between Russia and Ukraine looms large over LPR/DPR gas supplies



Ukraine will pay for gas, otherwise we will make a ‘complex decision’—Medvedev

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

Vladimir Putin held an emergency meeting with the permanent
members of Russia’s Security Council. The President instructed the government
to strictly adhere to its contract obligations concerning gas deliveries to

“I am asking the Russian Federation government to adhere to
the contract obligations, and fulfill them to the letter,” the President

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Dmitriy Medvedev, in turn, said that Kiev will have to pay
for all deliveries of gas to Ukraine, including the deliveries using alternative
routes to the Donbass. If Ukraine will not pay for gas in its entirety, Russia
will be forced to make a “complicated decision”.

“Our Ukrainian partners will either pay for everything we
deliver, or we, as usual, will have to make a complicated decision,” said the
Prime Minister.

A few days ago Ukraine stopped gas deliveries to the Donetsk
and Lugansk republics. This caused an emergency situation, and the only gas
available for deliveries is in Russia. Therefore, in accordance with government
instructions, Gazprom redirected some of the fuel paid for by Ukraine’s
Naftogaz to DPR and LPR using a reserve system.

J.Hawk’s Comment: Having lost the war on the battlefield,
the junta is continuing it by other means. They include the cutting off LPR/DPR
gas supply and several other measures which seem designed to actually isolate
the two republics from the rest of Ukraine and force Russia to more fully
integrate them into its own power and energy systems. 

Russia’s reaction is
entirely appropriate—Russia will simply subtract the gas that it sends directly
to the Donbass from the volume that Ukraine originally paid for. Should Ukraine
fail to submit a full pre-payment, Russia will end gas deliveries to Ukraine.
That is the “complex” or “complicated” or perhaps even “difficult” decision
(the particular word is difficult to translate because its meaning is
context-dependent) that Medvedev alluded to.

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