“Good Morning, Mr. President”–A Prelude to a Coup?


 Andriy Parubiy, the leader of “Maidan Self-Defense”


Kiev, February 1. Good Morning, Mr. President

By YuraSumy

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

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The recent events in Kiev, specifically the Aidar
demonstration, are interesting in that they represent the beginning of the next
phase of Poroshenko’s overthrow. Kiev will now have the presence of a group of
armed militants up to 1000 members in size (plus the Right Sector) which will
attempt a coup at the direction of the State Department.

The press leak suggesting that the head of the presidential
security detail was complicit in an attempt to assassinate Mr. Parubiy is a
link in the same chain. The only individual who can thwart the plan to
assassinate Poroshenko is Geletey, therefore he needs to be removed or
neutralized before the coup. This is getting serious.

It’s nothing unexpected. What we saw today wasn’t even a
rehearsal. The agenda has been set, and the list of participants determined.
Only the events in Zaporozhye give Poroshenko any chance of survival. If the
MVD defends the president, the coup may fail. Mr. Poltorak, incidentally, is
Poroshenko’s creature, and one has to keep in mind that prior to taking over
the MOD he was the commander of the National Guard, which is currently being
commanded by his former deputy. So there are many variants here. Which means
nothing has been decided yet.

Translator’s Note: Parubiy, of course, is a legendary figure among the Maidan-afflicted, therefore any attempt on his life (real or imagined) is tantamount to national treason! Therefore if people close to Poroshenko are traitors…what about Poroshenko himself? Pastukh’s accusation that the National
Guard had panicked and fled Debaltsevo can also be seen as a link in the same
chain, because it is an effort to discredit the National Guard and its
Poroshenko-loyal leadership. Yarosh’s courting of military and, presumably,
MVD, commanders to become part of a “parallel General Staff” are yet another
link. The “events in Zaporozhye” are the failed attempt by “activists” in that
city to topple the local Lenin monument, which was thwarted by the police.
Arguably for the first time since the Maidan.

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